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Soothe Your Soul: Cafe Nokhwa

Situated along the Namyang-Ju roadside, lies the quaint Cafe Nokhwa. Now, contrary to its location, the cafe is a place where lovers, friends, and even lone wolves go to heal their tired souls. With the diverse teas and specialized roll cakes served at the cafe, you’re bound to leave satisfied.

Inside Cafe Nokhwa

As a tea-enthusiast and lover of all things cake, I had to visit this place no matter what. On one fine spring day, I was finally able to. When I first saw the building, I thought nothing special about it and was having second thoughts… until I went inside.

The interior took my breath away the moment I put my foot through the door. It gave off a rural yet urban feel and my worries were washed away like rain on skin. Everything felt so well put together. From the way the lighting complimented the furniture, to the soothing sounds flowing out of their speakers, everything was perfect. My heart felt calm and at peace. There was even pottery such as; bowls, teacups, plates, and even incense holders displayed out for purchase.

There were also teas, different types of honey, and other wonderful things on display that were available to buy as well.


Not only was their interior design amazing, but their menu was also unique as well. They had the ingredients of each beverage laid out in stone bowls with a sheet of paper behind them. You could clearly see what went into each of their drinks and – the explanations were also in English.

The categories of the beverages on the menu:


Green Tea(녹차)

Black Tea(홍차)

Red Bean(팥)



Once I decided on a menu category, I was able to choose how I would like it prepared. You could choose iced, hot, as a latte, so on and so forth.

Now that I had gotten my drink order down, I had to try their special roll cakes. My husband and I both love matcha, so we decided on the matcha roll cake. My husband is not really a fan of sweet things, but he wolfed up half of it in no time!

Outside Cafe Nokhwa

Now, the inside of the cafe was incredible, but on a day when the weather was finally amazing enough to be out and about, we had to sit outside. We quickly understood why everyone was seated outside instead of in. The clear skies, cool breeze, and the view of the river where we could see people wakeboarding were to die for.

Time to Eat

Finally, after enjoying the scenery before us for a bit, our order was ready.

My husband got the Matcha Milk Tea while I got the Mugwort tea(my favorite). The Matcha Milk tea was sweet but the deep, rich taste from the matcha balanced it out wonderfully.

The Mugwort tea was perfect in every way. It was woody, fragrant, and not the least bit bitter. It complemented the matcha roll cake we had to the point of divinity.

The roll cake had a thick cream layer which was not as sweet as I expected it to be, but it was better that way as the cake itself was sweet. The red bean center was the cherry on the cake! Matcha and red bean always go well together, a match made in heaven. There were whole grains that encircled the roll cake, giving it a little crunch as well as a small bowl of honey with the most adorable wooden honey dipper for you to drizzle on some honey for an extra kick of sweetness.

Final thoughts

Cafe Nokhwa got the job done! It was relaxing, satisfactory, and I would one hundred percent go back for more. If you plan to come to Korea and are looking for unique and wholesome cafes, I recommend that you add Cafe Nokhwa to your itinerary!

Cafe Nokhwa (카페 녹화)

Address:   1171 Bukhangang-ro, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korean Address:  경기 남양주시 화도읍 북한강로 1171 카페 녹화
Operating Hours: Thu - Tues: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
                 Wednesday: 12:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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