Sokcho – Top 3 Must Visit Places

Starting to get bored of the hectic city life in Seoul? Are you looking for nearby holiday destinations for some quick weekend getaways? Hesitate no more and plan your trip to Sokcho! But first, if you have been feeling lazy to plan on trips like me, do not worry. That is why I am here to let you know the Top 3 Must Visit Places when you travel to Sokcho.

From just a small fishing village, Sokcho, which is located in Gangwon-do province has now become a major tourist hub. By intercity bus, this coastal city is just 2hrs 30mins away from Seoul, which is considered very near when compared to other cities in South Korea. Thus it can be assumed the most convenient place to travel for those who are busy and seek for a short break. Day drip or overnight trip, both ways are equally easy and adequate to explore around the city. This also means that you can still enjoy your trip even when having a smaller budget!

How to get to Sokcho?

The most convenient and economy way to get there is by bus.

Depart: Seoul Express Bus Terminal/ Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal
Arrive: Sokcho Express Bus Terminal
Fare: KRW12,800 ~ KRW17,900
Duration: 2hr 30mins
Ticket: Bus terminal / Online

Seoraksan Nantional Park

Part of Sokcho’s fame also came from its distance from this Park. Seoraksan National Park is very popular among international and domestic tourists due to its awesome autumn foliage and topographic landscape scenery.

Beautiful view captured while exploring around Seoraksan National Park

This is what makes it to become one of the top 3 must visit places in Sokcho. If you are there to hike there are a number of hiking trails ranging from 1-3 days for you to choose from. Try visiting their homepage for more information about hiking trails or courses. The website is available in English, Japanese and Chinese language too.

Apart from that, Cable car is a wonderful alternative if you seek the majestic view of Seorak Mountain, but can not be bothered to hike. The Cable car will take you to Geongeunseong Platform, where Bonghwadae mountaintop is just a 10minutes leisure walk away.

Additionally, simply explore around Seoraksan National Park can have many surprises as the view is wonderful all year round. Seoraksan National Park is especially popular for its scenery during autumn. However I felt like i did not enjoy any lesser during my visit in early summer. The nature there is appreciated by many and has a healing purpose to our emotion as we stroll around slowly.  

How to go:

From Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, cross the road at the traffic light and turn right. Walk for about 150 m and you will see a CU convenience store, take bus 7 or 7-1 at the bus station in front of the convenience store and get off at the last station, which is the entrance of Seoraksan National Park.

Seokcho Jungang Market and Abai Village

Jungang Market

After more than half century since opened, Sokcho Jungang Market is now named “Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market” . I was also included on the Korea Tourism Organization’s list of “10 Best Traditional Market to Visit in Korea”a while ago.

From freshly caught Donghae(East Sea) seafood to vegetables and dried fish, it is a lot of fun just to look at the bargaining process between sellers and local customers. Most importantly, you can experience the genuine folk atmosphere of Korea.

Various kinds of the local products sold at the market
Ojingeo Sundae in the making and some traditional Korean snacks, both taste super delicious!

Next, the best thing about a trip is always food. You can enjoy the snacks selling along another part of the market while strolling through the alleys. Some of the must try snacks and dishes are dak-gangjeong(sweet & spicy chicken), Ojingeo sundae(stuffed squid), Hotteok(korean sweet pancake) and Hue(raw fish sashimi). The trip is not completed without a visit to this market.

The best dak-gangjeong I’ve ever tasted

Abai Village

Besides, the port to infamous Abai Village is just few minutes walk from the entrance of this market. Take the Abai Village Boat pulled by ferryman with a rope to the other side of the water with only 200won per way. This tourist place is also recommended as it is very near to the Market.

How to go:

  1. In front of the Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, take bus 9-1 and get off at Nonghyup Bus Stop (2 bus stops).
  2. Go straight and take a right at the first big cross junction. You will see the market appearing on your left. 

Address: 강원 속초시 중앙동 471-4  / 16 Jungang-ro 147beon-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwong-do

Sokcho Beach

Is there anything better than visiting a beach during a vacation? Pristine blue water and soft white sand at Sokcho Beach are perfect enough to make your short trip feel like a long relaxing vacation.

Locatied at the east coast of the Korea Peninsula, Sokcho Beach features a perfect place to swim and have fun. By having relatively less international visitors compare to other well known major beaches around South Korea, this makes Sokcho beach more clean and perfect for those who do not prefer large crowds and overly touristy places.

This beach is just 7 minutes walk away from Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, a superbly place for one to relax while waiting for your departing bus.

On the other hand, there are many more options of places Sokcho waiting for you to discover. Hesitate no more and book your ticket today!

Address: 강원도, 속초시, 조양동, 해름로 186 / 186 Haeoreum-ro, Joyang-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

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