Skyroad: Daejeon’s extra-large LED image facility

Daejeon Skyroad is a shopping and cultural center. It is a street of several department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and underground shopping malls. It is in this place where you can see the world’s fourth-largest arcaded LED video screen. Located on Eunoengjeongi Street, it is a 214m long, 13.3m wide, and 20m high extra-large LED image facility. It became a new landmark in Daejeon. You can enjoy a variety of artworks and high-tech feasts through the large LED screen designed for the first time in Korea. 

Fun things to do in Daejeon Skyroad


Daejeon Skyroad is a decent shopping zone. If you are looking for lipsticks, masks, cleansing foam, toner, moisturizer, you can discover various Korean cosmetics brands here. If you will go here, you can see cosmetics stores. Nature Republic, Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly, The Saem, Olive Young, and a lot more can be seen throughout the street. There are many clothing stores and shoe shops and outlets clustered around the alleys such as Uniqlo, Fila, ABC mart, etc. There is also a wide underground shopping mall here where you can buy cheap clothes, shoes, accessories and more. 

Eat and Drink

Aside from shopping, you can find numerous restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream stores, and bakeries placed in Daejeon Skyroad. Fast food restaurants such as KFC are also located around the area. Moreover, you can spot Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Ediya Coffee, Korean restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and the famous Sung Sim Dang (성심당) bakery here. Sung Sim Dang offers endless varieties of tasty bread and pastries, wildly known throughout the country. You can enjoy eating delicious foods here.


Another thing to do in Daejeon Skyroad is you will get to see and enjoy watching planets or sky or even your favorite Korean artists from the long and big LED screen. At night it is breathtaking when the huge display is turned on and starts to play some videos of nature or people, athletic events, music videos, news, and advertising. The LED screen is not on during day time, they do not light it up. Hence, I recommend you to visit here at night, so you will get a chance to see the very huge and bright ceiling screen that will surely entertain you once the night starts.

Daejeon Jungang Market

Near the Daejeon Skyroad, you will find the Daejeon Jungang market. There is a bridge with a big moon-like structure placed beside it, which will lead you towards the market. Daejeon Jungang Market is one of the most famous traditional markets in the city that consists of several markets. It includes the Jungang Comprehensive Market, Jungang Arcade Market, Jayu Wholesale Market, New Jungang Market, and Jungang Wholesale Market.

The Sky road reminds me of Myeongdong Shopping Street in Seoul. Daejeon Skyroad is a nice and lively place to visit. You can enjoy your time shopping or eating with your friends or family or yet even if you are alone. There are a lot of stores, shops, cafes, restaurants throughout the area and, expect it to be a noisy, crowded place yet a colorful, lively, and interesting spot to hang-out in especially, during nighttime. 

I was really impressed with the long and big screen positioned in this place. If you haven’t seen this long, wide, and extra-large LED image facility, why not drop by at some time when you are planning a trip to Daejeon City. 

How to get there

From Seoul By Train: Take KTX from Seoul Station to Daejeon Station. Walk from Daejeon Station to Jungang-ro 164beon-gil for about 15-20 minutes or if you want to get there faster, ride a taxi, it will take maybe a minute ride only. Or, from Jungangno subway station Exit via A8, A5, A6, A10, or D1.

Daejeon Skyroad Address: Jungang-ro 164beon-gil, Eunhaengseonhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

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