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SKY Universities in South Korea

If you are studying in South Korea , then I am sure you have heard about SKY Universities before.

So today, I would like to introduce to you SKY universities in South Korea that you might have heard before.


SKY is an acronym that used to refer to the three most prestigious universities in South Korea which is Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University. You can hear this term easily in South Korea as this acronym is popular among locals in South Korea. And one believes that if you graduated from one of this universities, you will have a brighter future and easier to get a proper job in South Korea.

University Ranking

According to QS Asia University Rankings, Seoul National University and Korea University are ranked 11 and 12, while Yonsei University is ranked 21. Three of these universities had located in the 100-200 best universities in the world for this past few years according to some portals such as QS Top University and The World University Rankings. So, students in South Korea used to study really hard and compete with each others to squeeze into one of this universities.

Tuition fee

For the tuition fee, there might be some huge differences between different majors or courses but I am pretty sure that they are still affordable. If compared to those Western countries. Living costs in South Korea is quite high but one can still survive if depending on the scholarship given by universities. There is quite a lot of scholarships that are provided and anyone can apply for them as long as they are qualified.

As a foreigner that is currently studying in Korea University, I secured a scholarship from Malaysia government and I believe that there is other countries which provide scholarship for their citizens too! I have a friend from Russia and she was a Korea University student under Russia government too! I am sure you have heard about KGSP(Korean Government Scholarship Program)too! It is a scholarship that opened for foreigners and it includes living expenses, tuition fees and other expenses like flight tickets too!

What can you expect?

SKY Universities are popular among foreigners, they are very friendly towards foreigners. For example, there is organization like SISA(SNU International Students Association ) in Seoul National University. KUISA(Korea University International Student Assistant) in Korea University and FSU(Foreign Student Union) in Yonsei University. And there are also many classes that you can take in English that are purposely prepared for foreigners. So, there are actually a lot of foreigners students who study in these three universities.

Seoul National University

Seoul National University, is a national university that is located in Gwanak-gu, Seoul. Its motto is “The truth is my light”. SNU is founded in 1946 and considered as the most prestigious university in South Korea. As a student who studied at before, I am so glad to tell people that I graduated from SNU, although just Language Education Institute. The reason I got to study at there is because I got a scholarship by Malaysia Government. And all of us need to study nine months of language in Malaysia and one year of language in Seoul National University.

The school is super nice and huge as it is the largest university in South Korea too! It is located on a hill and therefore it might be tiring sometimes if you wish to go from one place to another in the campus. And because it is too big, I only traveled the whole university three times before within my one year studies at there. Although I had graduated from that university, but the thing I cannot forgot is our lecturers. They are so kind as they treated us like their own children. Their guides meant a lot for us as we felt like we were studied in our own countries.

Korea University

After I graduated from Seoul National University, I went into Korea University. I am currently studying in Korea University, under the course of Material Science and Engineering. The reason I actually applied to this university is not because of the rating, but the beauty of the campus. Our university is really pretty especially if you love western buildings. Established in 1905, Korea University is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education.

They provide various kinds of field including law, business, engineering and more. The activities that you can apply and join is also a lot. For example KUSSO (Korea University Social Service Organization ) if you love joining volunteering activities. I even joined a club which is Chicken Club where we meet friends and eat chicken every time we meet. It is interesting right? However, I just started my journey in Korea University and therefore, there is no much that I can actually talk about. But, I am sure Korea University is a place that you should really pay a visit for since it is really pretty and cool.

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Yonsei University

Now, it is the turn for Yonsei University. It is a private research university like Korea University where the fees might be more expensive than government university. Established in 1957, Yonsei University is also one of the three most prestigious institutions in the country. But I have no any study experiences at this university and therefore I will just provide my experiences visiting this university. I had visited for this university three times and each of them was during different season. All I can say is I really like the campus a lot too because it looks similar with Korea University. The campus is huge and look like a Europe castle that located in Seoul.


In conclusion, if you wish to further your studies in South Korea, these universities are really a good choice for you. Even if you do not plan to study at there, you are still welcome to visit any of the universities. I am sure you will love it very much.

Enjoy and have fun!

🇲🇾 Tan Wei Wen

Hello, I am a foreign student that is currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Wish to share more about my travel stories here.