Skin Treatments in Korea: What You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about experiencing K-Beauty yourself? From botox to fillers, peelings and skin boosters Korea offers an endless list of affordable skin treatments. Getting skin treatments in Korea is definitely something worth trying out for yourself. Here is everything you need to know before you get started


Over the past several years, more and more people are becoming aware of skin care. Everyone is trying to maintain healthy, vibrant, youthful skin. There are endless methods to maintain your skin. However Korea is known for having the most advanced skin care practices in the world. In Korea, getting top-of-the-line skin treatments administered by licensed dermatologists is not only super easy,  but also affordable.

So, what kind of skin treatments can you get in Korea? Well, pretty much anything you can think of. Some of the most popular treatments are laser treatments ( acne scar removal, hair removal,skin tone balancing, etc), skin boost injections (hydration, increasing collagen) , fat melting injections (remove double chin, V line face shape, etc), fillers (wrinkle reduction, lip fillers, aegyo sal, etc), lifting threads (change face shape, reduce sagging skin, etc) and botox (stop wrinkles from forming). You can always find something that suits your unique skin type and needs.

Once you have a treatment in mind, you may be wondering – where should I go to get a skin treatment in Korea? There are so many treatment centers in Korea! You have probably heard of the many skin treatment centers and plastic surgery clinics lining the streets on gangnam. While those are an option, some of them can be a little sketchy and overpriced. You should always do your research in order to choose the right place to get your procedures done. 

Once you find a clinic, you can always send them messages through kakaotalk and discuss the details of your procedure. Once you find a place that makes you feel comfortable, they will probably offer you a free skin scanning and consultation session. This will help you make sure that what you want aligns with what you need.

It’s Cheap, But is it Worth it?

Obviously the prices will vary depending on the clinic and the procedure you would like to get. However, some basic treatments such as botox can be done for as cheap as 5,000 KRW (5 USD) per injection. A professional peeling can be done for 9,900 KRW (10 USD). During promotions, lip fillers usually start at 29,000 KRW (30 USD) for 1cc. One very important thing to note, if you seek services in English, it will almost always be more expensive. So, get your translation apps open.

Even though it’s cheap, is it actually worth it? Well it is a fact that anything involving needles comes with a risk. However, Koreas are very cautious and know how to do their job very well. So, the rate of accidents is quite low. Plus, some procedures achieve similar results to plastic surgery without actually going under the knife. For procedures like fat-melting injections and fillers, it is considered a safer alternative to surgery. 

Nose Filler

Plus, during your pre-procedure consultation, they will explain all the possible side effects and every procedure to you in detail. So, if you still have any concerns, you can always ask in more detail or decline the treatment if you want. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

There are many different kinds of treatments with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, this is an article on treatments, not surgeries. In most of the cases you will not be able to see immediate results. It usually takes several sessions of a treatment to see its full effects. 

But don’t worry because most of the clinics offer full packages that include multiple treatments. So whether you are in Korea for a short trip or live here, you can almost always find something that can fit your schedule. 

Single day packages usually include multiple procedures that focus on the same, common problem . For example, a single-day acne treatment package might include scaling (pimple popping), peeling, a hydration mask and injection, and a laser to reduce scarring. If you get one of these packages you will likely spend a few hours getting different procedures done. And you will get a bunch of complementary skin care products to continue with the treatment at home. 

Double Chin Fat Melting Injections

If you get a single treatment, long term package, you will usually come in once a week for a month or two. Most procedures last less than 30 minutes, so it is easy enough to pop into a clinic nearby on your lunch break.

How to Find the Right Clinic

The secret I am about to reveal is something that those “foreigner friendly” clinics do not want you to know. The truth is that those clinics that offer free interpretation or that claim to have English speaking staff tend to charge you up to ten times more. It’s actually legal for them to charge you up to 20 percent more. Of course, this is not always the case, but you should be aware of it and always have an idea of what the prices for the procedure should be. My advice is to either approach the clinic in Korean or ask a Korean friend to help. 

Try going to a clinic that doesn’t provide English services, there may still be staff that will accommodate you. It will save you a big chunk of money. Additionally, check the Korean version of clinic’s sites and their instagram to see if they have any prices or special deals posted. 

If you send them a message that you are interested in a treatment and say that you saw the price online, it will be very difficult for them to overcharge you.

My Favorite Clinics

Here are my two favorite clinics to get skin treatments in Korea: Vand´s Clinic and VelyB Clinic. They both have several branches all around Korea so you can find the one closest to you. 

At Vand’s Clinic sometimes you might be able to find English speaking staff without any extra charges. Their prices are fair and they even have a “beauty point card” that allows you to accumulate points and get exclusive offers and promotional deals. They also have their very own skin care products line. They provide a very thorough free consultation, so It is a really good place to start your Korean skincare journey.

Vely B Clinic is also one of my favorite clinics simply because it is so cheap and their services are so good. The staff is very kind and always willing to help. They do not provide any English services but they always do their best to fulfill your expectations. Their prices are the best I have seen so don’t hesitate to give them a chance. In my own experience and from what I’ve read online, they never overcharge foreigners. Do not forget to check their social media for sales and special events.

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