Sindo, Sido, and Modo Islands

Sindo (신도), Sido (시도), & Modo (모도) Islands, or the “Three Brother Islands,” caught my eye when I was looking for an easy overnight away from Seoul.

Connected by bridges, you can explore all three islands easily.

Located off the coast of Incheon, these are extremely doable for a day trip or an overnight from Seoul.

Logistically, they aren’t far from the metropolitan area at all, but you will still feel far enough away for a grand adventure.


Fortunately, getting to the Islands is pretty straight forward! The ferry departs from the Sammok Ferry Terminal (삼목여객터미널) and you can get round-trip tickets directly at the Terminal. From Incheon airport, we hopped in a taxi which cost around W12,000. After boarding the ferry, the trip takes a quick 10 minutes to get to Sindo, so don’t get too comfortable!

Sammok Ferry Terminal (삼목여객터미널)

Once you get on the first island, Sindo, head directly to the scooter rental. You will see it pretty quickly when you get off the ferry. Renting scooters MADE our experience. You can drive around the islands freely for a fairly low cost. Driving the scooters was also part of the fun! The roads weren’t very busy, so even the inexperienced driver will feel comfortable to explore. Renting a scooter should cost between W10,000- W15,000 per hour depending how long you rent it.

The best part of our trip! Renting scooters was the best way to explore the islands.

Alternatives to scooter: Driving (it costs W10,000 to bring your car over on the ferry) or bicycling. Although, I would suggest to avoid bicycling if you aren’t an avid bicycler! While it might be fun for the start, there are lots of hills and it won’t necessarily be a joy ride to get around the islands.

Map beside the Ferry Terminal. The Scooter Rental also gave us paper maps of the island, which was helpful. But don’t worry about getting lost. There is pretty much only one main road on the islands, so even if you make a wrong turn, it’s easy to get back on track quickly!

Sindo (신도)

This is the largest island of the three and the first that you will encounter, after docking at the port. There are a few cafes, pensions, and restaurants on Sindo, but there isn’t a ton to do, other than enjoying the countryside rice paddies and settling in for the sunset.

When looking for a great sunset view, Sindo, conveniently, fits the bill. To get a good view, head to the right beside the ferry terminal. Keep walking and you will find a gorgeous wooden walking bridge right beside the water. If you follow the bridge around, you will also find a lovely area of land jutting out into the water to pose for a photo or watch fishermen leisurely wait for a bite.

Sido (시도)

Sido is great for sleeping accommodations and spending time on the beach. Sugi Beach, on Sido, is the best beach on the islands to relax and enjoy some sun. There is also a convenience store, public restrooms, a coffee shop, and a pension right beside the beach. While it isn’t like the gorgeous white sand beaches of the East Coast, you can still find some nice sand to lay in.

Around mid-morning, the water goes out and it quickly turns into a long mudflat! It didn’t bother us much though. We enjoyed playing around in the mud and watching tiny crabs skitter into their holes. If you want to avoid this, I’d visit in the morning or head to the East Coast instead.

Pension on Sido

We lucked out with our pension! We went to Sindo, Sido, and Modo without accommodations but the scooter owner helped us find this pension that his friend owned, and it exceeded our expectations! It was large, comfortable, and even had a restaurant below to fill our bellies. We found some of the BEST Kimchi-Jjigae (김치찌개)  we’ve ever had here!

The pension was W60,000 for the night, but after splitting between two people, we felt W30,000 was definitely worth it! There are lots of pensions dotting Sindo & Sido. Find a Korean friend to call, book online, or ask local businesses for help!

Modo (모도)

Modo is the smallest island, and the last you encounter, but don’t let that stop you! A trip to the “Three Brother Islands” is incomplete without a stop at the Baemikkumi Beach & Sculpture Park (배미꾸미조각공원). There, in typical Korean fashion, you will find a mix of picturesque sculptures (made famous by K-dramas or K-pop music videos), oddly placed erotic sculptures, and a few ones that make you scratch you head.

Check out these sculptures and stop for an afternoon coffee, tea, or lunch at the Baemikkumi Cafe, that’s right behind the sculpture park.

Final Thoughts

Sindo, Sido, and Modo are great for the adventurer who wants to get out of Seoul and experience a slower paced lifestyle, without too much preparation or traveling. You will find freedom and relaxation as you scooter around the islands. If you go during the late summer, be sure to stop for some delicious grapes which are grown on the island.

Ajjumas are sitting along the road selling them, and it is easy to veer off to grab some for yourself!

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