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Sinchon: the Young Street

Don’t you like walking? Not a decent walking trail, however, a series of walking through the vibrant top universities and some street vibes. Welcome to Sinchon Street!

Sinchon Main Street

Sinchon Street © 서울예술실용전문학교 공식 매거진 / wikimedia

The University quarter refers to the area of Sinchon and Hongdae where few top universities, shopping streets and pedestrian-friendly streets are situated. It is regarded as the epicentre of Seoul’s vibrant youth culture. Unlike the Palace District, the University Quarter is such a delightful neighbourhood to explore.

The route of walking can be considered a series of a walking tour through Seoul’s university neighborhoods. From the ‘Hello Apm’ building near the Ewha Womans University station, you need to walk pass the Sinchon Railway Station. This separates Ewha Womans University and Yonsei University. In addition, this the oldest railway station in Seoul.

Sinchon Station (Gyeongui Line) © Integral / wikipedia

Originally, it is intended to be a whistle-stop along the Gyeongui Line connecting Seoul and Sinuiju (a city in present-day North Korea), the station was constructed ever since in 1920.  However, after the two Koreas were divided, the station become the departure site to Munsan. It is a city near the Military Demarcation Line. Although the station was shut down years later, it still stands as a symbol of Sinchon’s historical importance and operates as a tourism office today.

In Sinchon, several universities are located. This includes Yonsei University, Sogang University, Ewha Womens University and also Hongik University. Because of this, it is a home to many trendy Korean youngsters and is a must-visit place for shopping in Seoul. The streets are full of interesting shops and restaurants. Besides that, this area is perfect for catching up with the fashion and makeup trends of Korea. Make sure you add this place to your itinerary!

What to Expect here?

For your information, there are a lot of festivals and event usually happens here. One of it is the Sinchon Water Gun festival. It is a popular festival in this area that happens every summer. The main street of Sinchon will be closed for two days for a water gun festival. This festival usually attracts many young men and women who wants to cool off the hot summer heat. However, I don’t think this event will be going to happen due to the outbreak that changed the new norm. Sadly.

Shopping district

Not only that, the main attraction of the Sinchon Street is the shopping spot for a lot of tourists and also Korean itself. The main shopping district of Sinchon is concentrated at Exit 2 and 3 of the Sinchon Station Line 2 (Green Line). If you are about to search for Sinchon Station, don’t get confuse with the other Sinchon Station which is the Gyeoungui Joongang Line. These two stations are not connected, and you have to walk long distance if you are mistaken.

The no.2 entrance to Sinchon Station on the Seoul Metro Line 2 © LERK / wikimedia

Furthermore, being on of the South Korea’s famous shopping street destination, Sinchon is occasionally featured on many Korean dramas such as “Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” and many more. Because of the view and vibe of the streets and crowding students, it fits many dramas to be a perfect shooting place. For many Korean Dramas fans out there, you might see a familiar street view when you walk through the Sinchon street.

Since Sinchon is a gathering place for many Korean University students, there are many Korean shopping shops and outlets that you can find. Among them, U-PLEX shopping mall is the most famous shopping mall here. Located in the centre of this busy and crowded street, it has a lot of boutiques and clothing shops here. You can find many young, stylish clothing brands. These brands are occasionally on promotion and sales. It fits from the top of the head, till the tip of the toe. From the hats to socks.

Wide Varieties of Shopping Segments!

You can also start wandering around Sinchon U-PLEX from the basement. Usually, there will be a lot of promotion counters along this basement passage. Those who are searching for Korean Beauty items in here, you might want to start you searching efforts here because the basement floor is special for you.

If the items you are finding not there, head yourself to the upper level. You will find a whole lot more of fashion boutiques and shops. You can find quality clothes at affordable prices here in U-PLEX Sinchon. Many people come to South Korea to shop and buy cheap clothes in underground shopping malls, however the quality of the clothes there are not so good when you get there. If they try to buy clothes from a department store, the price might not be affordable.

However, the range of price of items sold at U-PLEX is somewhere in between. You can always expect to buy quality clothes at affordable prices. When you come to South Korea for shopping, definitely check this place out!

If you are up to some street photography, here are also the place for you to wander around. The street vibe and the lighting are perfect especially during the golden hour. Don’t miss the chance to capture the moments here!

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