Shopping on a Budget at Dongmyo Market

Looking for the ultimate souvenir from your trip to Korea? Your own hanbok? A set of traditional chopsticks? Or are you shopping in Korea on a budget? If so, head down to Dongmyo Market, Seoul, to thrift-shop your way to success!

Dongmyo Market

Dongmyo Market first opened its stalls in the 1980s and its appearance today is strikingly similar. A long array of umbrellas and canopies along the walls of Dongmyo Park, with clothing, antiques and knick-knacks up for sale.

What Can I Buy at Dongmyo Market?

This is one heck of a flea market, let’s take a look at some of the things you can thrift here:


Everyone likes a new outfit now and then, but you can easily max out your card shopping in Myeongdong or Gangnam boutiques. While Hongdae main street is on the cheaper side, the quality of the clothing is poor, not to mention terrible for the environment. On that note, have you considered wearing second-hand? At Dongmyo Market, you can find a huge variety of second-hand clothes in an equally huge variety of styles. Prices start from as low as 1,000 won!

If you’re just having a browse, you can peruse the hanging pieces at each stall, but if you’ve got the patience, you can root through the clothes piles. Down the smaller alleys, you can find stores that sell new clothing. They’re more expensive, of course, but you might find they’re worth it if you don’t feel like rummaging.


From cables and components to computers, Dongmyo Market even has an electronics section. Here, you can find various gadgets such as phones, laptops and gaming consoles at a cheap price. If you’re serious about purchasing electronics here, it might be worth coming with a Korean friend, as you’ll want to fully understand any faults the item may have or whether you’re being ripped off.

However, if you’re not on the market for tablets and computers, it is still a great place to buy chargers, as retail prices are extortionate.

Household Items

If you’re looking to supply or decorate your new home here in Korea, there are plenty of household goods on sale at Dongmyo Market. You can find electric fans, irons, dishware, rice cookers, cutlery, you name it! What’s more, these products come both new and second-hand.

Second Hand Books

Another thing to love about Dongmyo Flea Market is a bookstore selling 100s of second hand books. If you enjoy having a rummage, be sure to visit here — there are English books available too!

Vintage and Antiques

Dongmyo Market is actually well-known for its range of vintage and antique items. You can find vintage cameras, sewing machines, record players as well as trendy vintage bags and accessories. I can’t vouch for whether the vintage cameras would work… but I do know that some people collect them or display them in their homes.

Fresh Produce

Last but not least, Dongmyo Market is also a food market. You can buy fresh fruit and veg that are in season at cheap prices. For example, I bought 12 apples for just 3,000 Korean won. What’s more, by purchasing your fruit and veg here, you’ll be supporting local Korean farmers and tradespeople.

And finally, don’t forget to try out one of the signature Korean street food dishes! They’re often the most tastiest at markets like Dongmyo Market.

Location and Useful Info

Address: 102-8 Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Operating Hours: varies between stores, typically open everyday until 8:00pm

Getting There

Via Subway: Dongymo Station (Line 1, 9), leave via Exit 3. Market stretches from Exit 3 to Cheonggyecheon Stream.
Via Bus: Take bus no. 1014, 2112, 2233, 9301, 9403, Jongno03, 101, 103, 105, 111, 144, 152, 201, 260, 261, 262, 270, 271, 370, 420, 720, 721, N13, N15, N26 or N30 to Dongmyo Station stop

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