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#ShopLocal & Support Small Businesses in Korea

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has produced a global economic crisis, hitting small businesses the hardest. When you’re travelling in South Korea, why not buy from original, independent sellers instead of huge corporate businesses? Let me introduce you to some of my favourite small businesses via Tumblbug, the crowdfunding platform for creatives.


Founded in 2011, Tumblbug is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms in Korea. Tumblbug nurtures the freedom and creativitiy of independent businesses by providing the opportunity for funding. There are almost no barriers to what product can be uploaded to the site, so you never know what you might find. What’s more, if you think a certain business has a bright idea, investing in them may just benefit you in the future.

The word “investment” may remind you of swanky skyscrapers and rich stockbrokers, but you can invest in a small business with as little as 1,000 KRW. It’s a great experience for young people to engage in and every penny helps!

You’re sure to find a like-minded seller on Tumblbug, with more and more cultural products cropping up on the site. If you’re a fan of Korean culture, you’ll love the Modern Hanbok brands floating around on Tumblbug.


Oranblue creates wearable and fairytale-like reinterpretations of the Hanbok. One of their most unique clothing items is the Gon Hwa Po Blouse. The blouse is a modern recreation of Gon Ryong Po, the Dragon Robe traditionally worn by the King.

The traditional style features the image of a dragon embroidered in a circle on the chest, however, Oranblue incorporated the hibiscus flower instead. Also known as ‘mugunghwa’ the Oranblue design was named Gon Hwa Po. As well as hibiscus, the national flower of Korea, the design features patterns of white plum blossom that symbolize the family of Taejo of Joseon, the first King of the Joseon era.

Check out the Gon Hwa Po blouse >> here <<

Teterot Salon

Teterot Salon produces retro fashion items that feature elements of traditional Korean culture. Their first product featured on Tumblbug was a Jeogori fleece. A Jeogori is a traditional Korean garment that makes up the upper portion of a woman’s hanbok.

Teterot Salon’s unique product combines the elegancy of the Jeogori with the warmth of a cozy fleece. While the brand does have an offline store in Ikseondong, Seoul, you’re sure to find what you love on their online store, or via Tumblbug.

Check out their Jeogori range and others >> here <<

Body Expression 

Body Expression makes stunning accessories out of unique materials and techniques. One product that caught my eye was their ‘Dokhwa’ earrings, made from sea shell fragments and mother-of-pearl. Their goal was to add the flare of traditional treasures into everyday fashion.

The enticing holographic shimmer of the floral design against a dark backdrop encapsulates the fitting name of ‘dokhwa’, which means ‘poison’ in Korean.

Learn more about Dokhwa and it’s brand, Body Expressions >> here <<


I expect there will be more unique products like these on Tumblbug. If you’re looking to #ShopLocal or want to buy a Korean fashion item that is unique and special, I suggest you start scrolling through Tumblbug! Give these artists the opportunity to grow and stand out from the crowd with a truly special garment or accessory.

🇲🇾 Kay Lim

Hi, I am Kay from Malaysia. I worked in an advertising agency for 3 years. Now I am a marketing manager at a traveling agency in Seoul.