Seventeen Jeonghan’s Birthday Exhibition

If you are a big fan of Kpop, South Korea has a lot of events that are held by fan sites celebrating idols, especially near their birthdays. Fan sites are people who run social media accounts and post updates of certain idols that they like. They will usually hold events such as birthday cafes, fancam screenings, and exhibitions. This is the fan event I went to for Jeonghan’s birthday!

Jeonghan’s Birthday Exhibition

First, I want to start off that this was a limited event that only lasted for two days. Unfortunately, it has already come to an end. But, if you are in Korea you can check with fandoms to see when events for your favorite idol’s birthday will be held.

A few weeks ago, I went to an exhibition for Seventeen’s Yoon Jeonghan as it is going to be his birthday soon. The exhibition was held by several fan sites as a project for Jeonghan’s birthday. Aside from the exhibition, they also held a screening event where they showcased Jeonghan fancam footage. However, due to high demand, I was unable to see it.

But thankfully I still get access to Jeonghan’s birthday exhibition! The exhibition was held for two days and since I booked the entrance ticket ahead of time, I got extra perks in my welcome kit! 

If you are a fan of Jeonghan, just like me, it feels like entering a refreshing heaven. As I walked through the entrance, there was a place to buy tickets on-site or just pick up the welcome goodie bag if you paid for an advanced reservation. 

After that, I was greeted by a room full of pictures of Jeonghan. I could see photos of him from his debut days all the way until the photos from Seventeen’s recent tour, Face The Sun. 

@gsharon08 Felt like I was in Heaven’s Cloud #jeonghan #seventeen #세븐틴 #정한 ♬ Heaven's Cloud – SEVENTEEN

Limited Edition Merch

Aside from just admiring Jeonghan, they also sold some merchandise from trading cards to plate sets. Another unique thing about these events is that most of them have trading cards and other limited edition items. Particularly for this event, if you completed the trading cards, they also gave you a free poster

It was such a fun activity to do since you are encouraged to trade with other fans at the exhibition site and strike up a conversation! I was finally able to complete the trading card set and got to bring home the prize poster!

After spending around 30 minutes in the exhibition space, I couldn’t help the urge to bring one of the photo frames home. So, I decided to buy one of the frames that they had displayed! Since I paid on-site at Jeonghan’s birthday exhibition, I got a special discount too!

Overall, it was such a fun and great experience, especially when you really love the person who they hold the exhibition for. As for the Carats in South Korea, don’t forget to visit some of Jeonghan’s birthday cafes. You can find them in Seoul, Busan and Daegu!

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