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Seoul’s Craziest Flavor Combinations: Wonhyeongdeul Cafe

Looking for anchovy matcha raspberry bread, pink dill cake, or tomato basil icecream? Congratulations! You’ve finally found the perfect cafe to suit your unique taste buds. Try out Seoul’s craziest flavor combos at Wonhyeongdeul cafe for an experience you’ll never forget.

The Cafe

Most known for its extraordinary cake offerings, dessert cafe Wonhyeongdeul, based in Chungmuro, has been drawing crowds to its doorstep. Yet another Seoul cafe to join the list of ‘hot places’ with impossibly long waiting lines. Wonhyeongdeul is said to be constantly full of people looking to snap pictures of their whimsically colored cakes and bakery items. 

The patisserie is located in an inconspicuous-looking, almost seedy industrial building that showcases the unique charm of the Chungmuro-Euljiro area. It is the kind of place that would be hard to find without the help of a navigational app. There is virtually no signage at street level. There is only a small paper sign around the unassuming, standard-issue blue door to the cafe itself. 


The Instagram-worthy bakery menu features around 13 different variations of kouign-amann. The variations include inventive flavors such as basil mascarpone and anchovy matcha raspberry.

There are also three different types of sets available. There are Mushroom Jambon, Burrata Jambon, and Melon Jambon sets.


As for the cakes, there are four different kinds. The first is the Pink Dill, featuring bright pink frosting and a lively sprig of dill. Next is the Meade of Chocolate Genoise sheet cake that has raspberry and roasted hazelnut frosting. Finally, there is the Coriander Cream cake, made of green Genoise covered in pale green lemon cream and decorated with leafy coriander. All of their cakes are 15,000won each. The most popular item among their cakes, and at the patisserie in general is the striking pink dill cake.

There is also a new Moss cake. It is made to mimic a mossy stone with carefully piped matcha cream, filled with fresh strawberries and roasted pistachios. Additionally, it comes with komondor, which looks like a ball of pale pastel yarn. It is made with chocolate and banana baked hazelnuts. It is sold for 16,000won. 


Their drink menu is equally innovative. They don’t just offer your standard coffees. Wonhyeongdeul has a variety of juices including broccoli kale and basil grapefruit. They also offer sorbets including strawberry matcha, passionfruit, and basil tomato. There are wines and classic cocktails that you can enjoy on a weekend afternoon.


Although it isn’t cheap, Wonhyeongdeul is most definitely not your run-of-the-mill cafe. From its lowkey charm and simplistic interior to its unique cakes and pretty pastries, Wonhyeongdeul is truly an experience. However, it might not be one you’d come back for again and again. But visiting once and trying their crazy flavor combinations is sure to be an experience you won’t regret or forget. 

Wonhyongdeul Cafe

Address:  32-16 Chungmuro 4(sa)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Operating Hours: 02:00 PM - 08:00 PM, Closed Sundays
Directions: From Chungmuro Station (Line 4, Line 3) Exit 8 walk straight and take the second left. Then take the first right. The cafe will be located in the corner building on the left on the fourth floor. Remember, there aren't any signs so trust your navigation. 

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