Seoullo 7017 – Urban Garden in the Heart of Seoul

In the year of 1970, an overpass was built above Seoul Station aid the situation of busy traffic in Seoul. The overpass served its purpose to connect the western and eastern halves of the city for for a few decades. It was then recently being transformed into Seoullo 7017. It is a public park designated for pedestrians. The name of Seoullo 7017 comes from ‘70’ which indicates the year 1970, when Seoul Station Overpass was first constructed, and ‘17’ which represents year 2017, when the park was fully renovated and opened for public.

Seoullo 7017 Overview ⓒ Christian Bolz / wikipedia

Additionally, ‘17’ also representing the number of ‘entrance’ connected to the pedestrian path. The pedestrian way also connects to many well-known tourist attractions like Seoul Station, Namdaemun Market, and Shopping malls.

Things to do on Seoullo 17 Pedestrian Way:

1.Stroll Around and Enjoy Night View

It doesn’t matter if you like walking, trying to wander around to enjoy the city you are travelling in, or simply just want to digest some food in your full stomach after a feast, Seoullo 7017, which is located at the center of Seoul is a perfect attraction for you to visit during your trip in this beautiful city. Seoullo 7017 has just the right height for you to enjoy the unique view around Seoul Station.

Seoul Station View from Seollo 7017

The view of the city changes throughout the day and each has their own special characteristics. During the day, you will be able to see the busy streets and lively side of Seoul beneath you. Just by looking at walking pedestrians on the streets as well as cars moving around from afar, some can find it very healing and can end up staying up there longer then they had planned.

The view throughout the day are all unique as they are. However, I personally recommend visiting at night or around evening. Enjoy the view when the sun is setting and street lights have just being turned on. The colorful lights on the pedestrian way further adorn the luminous night view of Seoul as the city lights and car lights slowly get brighter with the darkening sky. I had come to a surprise to experience such a lively night view. It was very different from what i usually see in my country.

They also mindfully provide stools and sitting spots near the sides of the way. Just so that visitors are able to enjoy the city view while sitting down. It will be totally up to your personal preferences whether you would like to visit the place with a group of friends, a significant someone, or even all by yourself because all are equally enjoyable. In short, I do not think there will be anyone who dislike such magnificent night view.

2.Discover different kind of plants

If you love adore nature like me, you should not miss out Seoullo 7017 when travelling in South Korea. Seoullo 7017 walking path has 5 different concept roads altogether. They are Mallidong Square, Rose Square, Toegyero Square, Magnolia Square and Hanyangdoseong-gil. While strolling along the elevated pedestrian way, you will be able to enjoy their garden with approximately 24,000 seasonal plants and flowers all year round!

I really enjoy watching the plants and discovering their species one by one. There are labels that show the name of each plant they planted on the walkway. It felt like I was able to make something out of my time while trying to relax. You can end up spending a very productive afternoon if you enjoy watching plants and discovering interesting species that you will not usually see in Korea.

The bright colors given by flowers on the pedestrian way lifts up the atmosphere and really gives you a sense of delight when surrounded by them. You can feel the effort they have put in to maintain the environment of Seoullo 7017.

3.Cafe Hopping and Food Adventure

There are also cute cafes available on the pedestrian way of Seoullo 7017. You will be able to find a variety of restaurants serving cuisines from different country. There are Indian restaurant, Sushi place, Burger shop, Starbucks, ‘Suljib’(a place that sells alcohol and many unique and delicious sides only found in South Korea), you name it.

It is strongly recommended to sit down and dine in at one of the restaurants on the pedestrian way after a long walk. This way you get to recharge some energy while enjoying the night view. Nevertheless, some also prefer having afternoon tea time and little talks in a cafe to hide from the summer heat. This is a great way to recharge before heading to the next destination. These cafes and restaurants all serve delicious food and you will never regret paying a visit.

4. Other Details to Know Before Visiting

  • Directions: 3 minutes walk from Seoul Station Exit 2, there will be signs along the way to follow
  • Admission fee: Free of Charge
  • Opening hour: 24hour, 365days
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