Seoul Yarn Paradise

If you are like me and love arts and crafts – especially if you go a little crazy over yarn, you will definitely fall for Banul! When my friend told me about it, It seemed too good to be true. Can such a paradise really exist?

Crafty Culture Shock

Back home, I was used to having to buy yarn in one place. Then, I had to buy the other materials I needed, such as knitting needles and patterns, from another shop because there was never one place that just had everything.

So, as soon as my friend handed me the address, I needed to go and see the place for myself. My hands itched to get in there and touch all the different textures. I couldn’t wait to see all the bright colors and get inspired!

In Chile, it is a little expensive to be an arts and crafts lover. But with my visit to Banul I quickly discovered that in Seoul arts and crafts are super accessible! Even when this store looks expensive, the price is alright and the quality of the materials they sell is on point.

The Journey to Yarn Paradise

You can find this yarn paradise in the heart of Seoul. However, this store is a little bit hidden if you ask me. I had a bit of trouble finding it, but it is definitely worth the search.

The walk from Hongik University Station doesn’t is around fifteen minutes. Not too bad, but there are a lot of winding alleyways nearby so it was pretty easy to get lost. However, the neighborhood is pretty interesting. I found a lot of places that made great backdrops for photos! Plus, I found a couple of places I want to return to in the future.

In particular, there is a building around the corner from Banul called Sagura Shopping Center. If you go inside, you can find all sorts of imported goods from the US and Japan. And, across the street from that, there is a huge flower shop that overflows onto the street.

Yarn Heaven Banul

Finally, I found my way to Banul. It was AMAZING!!

The store wasn’t just a yarn paradise, it was beyond anything I could have imagined. It was filled with yarn, needles, buttons, zippers, and embellishments for any project imaginable. They had different options for knitting, crocheting, or sewing… even embroidering. Then, there were the pattern books that went all the way from beginner levels to extremely advanced patterns. You can really find anything there! In every little corner, I could find something I wanted.

Then, the best part is that there is also a workshop cafe. You can sit and work on your projects while sipping on a cup of tea for hours on end.

Moreover, the workers were super nice. They did their best to understand my needs and help me find exactly what I was looking for. The staff was willing to accommodate limited Korean and even pulled out a translation app so that they could help me in my native language.

Originally, I went to Banul in search of the softest white cotton yarn I could find. For reference, I am crocheting a cardigan. However, I was captivated by all the yarn. I fell into some kind of time warp and must have spent a lot of time because suddenly the day was gone. When I left, I ended up not only taking home exactly what I needed, perhaps the softest white cotton yarn to ever exist. But also soooo much more

As of now, I have fallen in love with the white yarn I took home. I can’t wait to go back there again and bring new treasures! Without a doubt, I will become a regular customer. However, I definitely need to save up a bit first because that place is full of temptations and I don’t want to blow my budget!


I am pretty sure that if you like arts and crafts, you will fall in love with Banul just like I did. I recommend you come with ample room in your budget, at least for me, I wanted to buy everything there! If this Yarn paradise is too far away or if you want to avoid temptation, they do have an online store. It’s in Korean, so I recommend going in with patience and a translation app is needed.

Good luck finding anything you need and I hope you give this nice store a try if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

Banul Story (바늘이야기 연희점)

Address:  15 Yeonhui-ro 11ga-gil, Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Korean Address: 서울 서대문구 연희로11가길 15
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM, Closed Mondays
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