Seoul Transportation Subsidy for Pregnant Women

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has a program to provide a transportation subsidy for pregnant women. The benefit is available for Korean residents and foreign spouses of Korean nationals who are Seoul residents.

Specifications of the Seoul Transportation Subsidy

It is a project that provides for mothers’ transportation expenses (700,000 won) that can be used up to one year after childbirth.

It is supported by paying transportation points to a credit card or debit card in the name of a pregnant woman like a voucher.

Qualifications of the Seoul Transportation Subsidy

  • Time to Apply: 3-12 weeks pregnant, within 3 months of birth
  • Usage Period: Can be used up to one year after the birth/due date of the child
  • You must be a Seoul resident for at least 6 months prior to becoming pregnant
  • You must have Korean citizenship or be married to a Korean citizen

The Seoul Transportation Subsidy can be used by pregnant women and mothers. However, unlike other pregnancy benefits, you can apply beginning in the middle of pregnancy, not the beginning of pregnancy. Applications can be made between 3 and 12 weeks after the pregnancy confirmation date, to within 3 months of childbirth. If you apply during pregnancy, you can use it after one year from the due date, and if you apply after childbirth, you can use it until your child turns one.

Only pregnant women who have lived in Seoul for more than 6 months can apply for the subsidy. In addition, you must have Korean citizenship, or be married to a Korean national to qualify for the Seoul transportation subsidy.

It can be used for bus, subway, taxi, and private fuel.

Applying for the Seoul Transportation Subsidy

This benefit first appeared in July 2022. However, when it first came out only pregnant Korean women could receive the benefit. Since November, the benefit has expanded to include foreign pregnant women with Korean spouses.

To apply, you must first have a bank card in the name of a pregnant woman. But, unfortunately, not all card companies are available. Currently, only Shinhan (National Happiness Card), Samsung, KB Kookmin, Woori, Hana, and BC (Hana BC and IBK companies) are available. If you don’t have one of those cards, you can easily get one. Just go to your local branch of one of these banks and create an account.

How to Apply

Official Website

If you want to apply online you can check the official site by Clicking Here. However, if you are not a Korean citizen, you will need to provide additional documents.

  • Pregnancy Certificate (임신확인서)
  • Proof of Alien Registration (외국인등록사실증명)
  • ARC (주민등록등본 이미지 파일)

Government 24 Website

This website is only recommended for Koreans. Sometimes it does not accept foreigners’ information and can be quite difficult to use. It does have foreign language versions of the site, however, it doesn’t have the application for the transportation subsidy on it. Nevertheless, you can find the website by Clicking Here.

You will need to navigate to the page by clicking the following:

서비스 > 서비스신청 > 원스톱>맘편한 임신>맘편한 임신 신청에서>지자체서비스 – 서울시 임산부 교통비 지원>신청

Community Center

As a foreigner, it’s honestly easiest to go to your local community center (주민센터). You can ask the workers there to assist you and it will be a lot easier and faster when it comes to identity and document verification.

If you apply during pregnancy, only you can apply directly. Others cannot assist you or apply on your behalf while you are pregnant. However, if you apply after childbirth, you can apply by yourself or your husband can apply for you.

Documents for Applying in Person While Pregnant

  • ARC (외국인등록증)
  • Proof of Pregnancy (임신확인서)
  • A phone number and bank card under your name (본인 명의 휴대폰 또는 신용˙체크카드 지참)
  • Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본)

Documents for Applying in Person After Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Certificate (임신확인서
  • ARC(외국인등록증)
  • Proof of Alien Registration (외국인등록중사실증명서)
  • Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본)
  • A phone number and bank card under your name (본인 명의 휴대폰 또는 신용˙체크카드 지참)

+ if your spouse applies on your behalf, they will need the following additional documents.

  • Spouse’s Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본)
  • Proof of Family Relationship (가족관계 증명서)
  • Spouse’s ID (주민등록증)

Recieving Your Seoul Transportation Subsidy

After applying, it can take up to 3 days for your card to be charged. When it is charged, you will receive a message to the phone number you registered with.

The message looks like this:

I really hope this article helps many soon to be mothers in South Korea. For foreigners the process is quite difficult, but just remain patient and keep trying. In the end it will all work out.

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