Seoul Job Fair for International Students 2022

The Seoul Job Fair for International Students 2022 will be held October 21 – 22. It is the biggest yearly job fair for foreigners in South Korea. With nearly 200 positions on the market this year, you definitely don’t want to miss out!


Another international job fair is being held in Seoul! This is an extremely useful opportunity for prospective graduates to be exposed to companies and prepare themselves before transitioning into the job market. However, despite the name, this job fair is not only available to international students. Any international residents of Korea can join.

Job Fair for International Students 2022: Preparation

  1. Register as a member on the homepage. (Homepage is in English and Korean)
  2. Prepare a self-introduction and resume. But, don’t be too specific, because you should be handing it out to every company representative you encounter.
  3. Select the companies you want to interview with and register for the interview date and time in advance.
  4. Prepare professional clothing.

Job Fair for International Students 2022: The Day Of

Dress formally and remember to bring all of your documents. I suggest that you arrive early so that you can speak with company representatives before they become exhausted. In Addition, I recommend attending both days. That way you can really take your time speaking to those at booths for companies you are interested in working for. You really want to spend some time making good impressions.

Remember to bring a bag! There will be a lot of papers to carry. You will be given business cards and pamphlets galore. Plus, some booths have swag and other gifts for those who take the time to interview with them.

Job Fair for International Students 2022: Interviews

If you register for an interview on the homepage but have not yet been approved, or have not yet registered, you can register at the information front desk of the job fair. At the front desk, if they say that the company is full and can’t accept more interviews, that’s okay. You might still have a chance.

There is always someone who doesn’t show up even though they registered. You just need to bring your resume directly to the company’s table and express your desire to be interviewed and leave your phone number. They will call when there is a no-show. I find this method quite effective, especially when you get to meet a recruiter when they haven’t looked at your resume yet. Espically if you don’t have much professional experience, you can make a better first impression.

I also highly recommend giving start-ups a chance. Since they are so new, not many people will register for interviews. So instead, they will go and invite candidates over for interviews that they meet while manning their table. Since they are new, they are very enthusiastic so interview experiences are much more pleasant. Also, smaller teams can be a lot nicer and more accommodating towards foreigners when compared to many larger companies.

Overall, you should go to as many interviews as possible. Keep your mind at ease, it’s okay not to find a job here, but the interview experience is worth it. While waiting for the interview schedule, you can go to the stage to listen to the lectures sharing past experiences. It will help you boost your confidence and give you some hope.

Job Fair for International Students 2022: Booths

I highly recommend spending time with the Ministry of Justice (법무부) booth. Even if you don’t find a job at the job fair for international students 2022, you will get so much useful information at this booth!

Here, there will be an expert from the Ministry of Justice giving out detailed advice on working visas. From A to Z you can get accurate and clear information that you simply can’t get at the immigration office or by calling the 1345 hotline. They answered all of my immigration questions, no matter how trivial my questions were.

They are enthusiastic, welcoming, friendly, and far more detailed than all of my experiences calling 1345. Like last year, the booth will be located near the entrance of the job fair, right next to studyinkorea, so it is extremely easy to see.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right job is never easy, especially in a foreign country. So, be kind to yourself and don’t give up. Actively search, and take every opportunity that comes your way. At the end of the day, everything is an experience that leads to greater self-development. Fighting!

I wish you success at the job fair for international students 2022!

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