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Seoul Forest and its charm

If you’re looking for somewhere to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city but not go somewhere too far off, Seoul Forest is your place to go. A perfect combination of nature and fun. So it is a perfect place to go to whatever the season is.

Seoul Forest consists of 5 parks spread over approximately 595,000 ㎡ of land.

Culture and Arts Park, situated in the heart of the Seoul Forest, features Seoul Forest Square, Ttukseom Family Field, decorative flower beds, and many more. An Eco Forest, the habitat of wild animals like deers, chipmunks and many more. There is also an observatory to help visitors get a better view of the wildlife. The rest are an Experiential Learning Park, Marsh Plants Garden, and a Hangang Riverside Park.

How to get there

The park is located on the Bundang Line. Get off at Seoul Forest Station and walk out of exit 3. It is an approximate 5 minute walk to the park. You can also take buses 2014, 2412, 2413 or 2224 and get off at Seoul Forest.

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Relaxing activities

My friends and I had a picnic there and it was a different feeling than having a picnic at the Hangang River. It was quaint and quiet. Chirping of the birds fill the atmosphere together with refreshing summer wind.

I recommend you to go during the weekdays if possible because it can get a little crowded during the weekends.

Another way to experience the park is to rent bicycles and cycle from place to place. It is a rather large area so bikes might be a better option than walking. Bicycle rentals cost 3,000KRW per hour.

One other thing you might notice is you would see Koreans camping out in tents. It’s not an uncommon thing in Korea. You can find the same sight at Hangang River!

Overall, it is the perfect one day getaway. A place still in Seoul but not many buildings visible. A good bonding place for you and your family or friends. A place to add in your itinerary as a relaxing and wind down activity!

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