Seoul City Tour Bus: Is it Worth it?

I live in Busan, and when I visit Seoul, I do so for very short periods of time – normally just the weekend. There is so much to see in Seoul, and it’s always difficult for me to decide where to go and organize a route, especially since I do not know much about the city. So last time I visited Seoul, I decided to try the Seoul City Tour Bus!

Seoul City Tour Bus Fares

For normal courses, the price for adults is 20,000 won, while the price for people aged 6 to 19 is 15,000. For the night course, it is 15,000 for adults and 12,000 for underage visitors. However, we were lucky to get the tickets during an event and only paid 8,000 won!

Sometimes there will be discount events online, and I also saw one in the ticket office when we went to get our tour wristband. So make sure to check online beforehand or in the ticket office. There are discounts everywhere!

With your ticket, you will have access to the Seoul City Tour Bus for the entire day along your route.

Tours and Routes

There are a few different companies that run Seoul City Tour Buses. We chose the Yellow Balloon City Bus (노랑풍선 시티버스). They had four different tour options; the Traditional Culture Course, Han River, Jamsil Course, and the Night Landscape Course.

We decided to go with the Traditional Culture Course. The tour route hit all of the major destinations in the center of Seoul so it seemed like an affordable way to see some of the best spots in Seoul in a single day.

To learn more about Yellow Balloon City Bus, Click Here.

The Traditional Culture Course

The course starts and ends in Dongdaemun Design Plaza. However, it stops at so many places, we didn’t have time to visit every attraction on the course.

We went to the Blue House first. Then, from there we walked to Tongin Market; and then took a bus to the Namsan Outdoor Escalator. We got on the first bus and went back on one of the last ones! It stops in many other places, such as the Sejong Center, Seoul Station, the Namdaemun Market, Myeongdong, the Jongmyo Shrine, and more.

In addition, the views from the bus were amazing, especially from the second floor. It is definitely different to see the streets of Seoul from a high point! The speed was just perfect to be able to see everything from the bus without getting bored at all.

How the Seoul City Tour Bus Works

As long as you have your wristband with you, you can get off and on the bus as many times as you wish! You just have to go to the designated bus stations and wait for the next bus to come. We were given a schedule of the buses when we got our wristbands; make sure to keep it with you!

Our experience

Even though we only saw three of the stops, we enjoyed so many things!

We saw the Blue House from the outside. Sadly it was closed on Tuesdays, which is when we visited it. But even from the outside, it was big enough to walk around and enjoy.

Then we had lunch at Tongin Market, where we tried the famous Dosirak Café or Lunch Box Café. You change your money for Yeopjeon (ancient Korean coins), and then pay the vendors with them! You also have a lunch box you can fill with the food and then eat upstairs in the café. It was really fun to do it this way and we tried a lot of good food.

Lastly, we went up to Namsan Tower, where we could enjoy a demonstration of samul-nori (Korean percussion music) and traditional Korean martial arts. It was honestly amazing, and one of my favorite experiences in Seoul!

Why I recommend it

We felt like we had seen so many things in just one day. It is definitely an advantage to be given places to visit in the city and not have to worry about transportation! It is especially great for those who are not good at planning or get lost easily. This is the perfect option for a short and convenient trip to Seoul and on a budget!

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🇪🇸 Silvia Miranda Vega

Spanish student in Busan, South Korea. Wandering around this beautiful country. An aspiring photographer who also loves writing. Sharing Korea with the world!