Nightlife Seoul

Seoul by night

Seoul city’s scenery is breathtaking and some places get even better during the night time.
As it gets darker, the city lights up and comes to life.
If you’re a fan of night walks, this article is for you. I collected my favorite spots to visit during the nighttime.

Seoul Tower by Night

Seoul tower lights up as the sunset with different colors. The lights are blue on clear days while it is red when the level of air pollution is high or when microdust warning has been issued. When the Tower lights are red, refrain from outdoor activities and wear a mask if you need to go outside. Keep an eye on Namsan Seoultower illuminations to stay healthy. The tower itself is beautiful to look at, but if you want to see the city’s lights, you should go to its observatory and experience it once again differently! For more information, click here.

Gyeongbuk Palace

At night, the lights of the palace are on, which highlight the distinctive architecture of Korea.
I love how the lights accentuate the colors of the traditional architecture ‘Hanok’ and it contrasts with the street lights and skyscrapers.

Naksan Park

The hike up from Hyehwa is totally worth it! There’s nothing more peaceful than a stroll around Naksan park looking over the view !
Many people come here at night to take pictures of the scenery, have a coffee and enjoy the view. For more information, click here.

Dongdaemun plaza

Dongdaemun plaza is famous for its architecture, it was put to life by the vision of renowned architect Zaha Hadid.
This place is a home for the Seoul Fashion week, on other times it is lit up thanks to the various exhibitions that take place there. And it is the place you should visit for your Instagram feeds because you can get fantastic photos with the architectures in the background. For more information, click here.

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