Seonnyeotang – A Natural Pool On The Coast of Jeju

Have you ever been to a natural pool by the beach coast? If not yet, then consider visiting Seonnyeotang (선녀탕), a natural pool located on Jeju Island’s Hwangwooji Coast (황우지해안). Learn more about it in this article.

About Seonnyeotang

Seonnyeotang is situated at the beginning of Jeju Olle Course No.7 (제주올레 7코스). It is one of the famous among the many public pools along this course. According to a legend, fairies used it for bathing many centuries ago. Thus, it was named as Seonnyeotang which came from “seonnyeo” which means fairy and “tang” which means bath.

The Jeju Olle Course No.7 was a bit long and a medium level in terms of difficulty. Since Seonnyeotang is just near the Cheonjiyeon Falls, we just walked from there. And as expected, it was not that easy. It also rained that day which made our walking adventure more difficult. We had to climb multiple stairs just to get to Hwangwooji Coast where Seonnyeotang is located.

What to see at Seonnyeotang

When we arrived at the pathway going to the natural pool, we had a scenic view of the nearby Saeseom Island Saeyeongyo Bridge (새섬 새연교). This bridge is the longest pedestrian overpass in the southern-most area of the country which connects Seogwipo Port and Birds Island.

To get to Seonnyeotang, we had to use the stairs gong down to the coast. The stairs were a bit steep so we had to be very careful going down especially that it was raining and the stairs were slippery. On the ground, its surrounding is very rocky and stepping on them was the only way you could get to the natural pools. The walk from the entrance down to the pools took us 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe it would have been faster if it was not raining that day.

The Seonnyeotang along the natural pools within this trail are considered the hidden wonders of Jeju made a volcanic island and the emerald lights of the sea. During summer time, may people go to these pool to swim. But it could be also crowded there on those days so swimming might not be that convenient. I would still suggest that you visit the Best Beaches in Jeju Island so you can wider space to swim.

In addition to its scenic view, this place offers a nice view of the Oedolgae Rock. This rock was formed when a volcano erupted and changed the island’s landscape about 150,000 years ago. Because of its isolation from the island and located lonely in the middle of the sea, it was named Oedolgae Rock. According to legend, it is actually a grandmother who transformed into a rock after waiting for a grandfather to return from fishing, and so it is also called Grandma Rock.

Where to Eat at Seonnyeotang

There are only few cafes and restaurants nearby Seonnyeotang so it would be best to have grab a food before or after going there. But if you have a car, you can visit the other food establishments on nearby areas.

How to get there

Location: Seohong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do (제주특별자치도 서귀포시 서홍동)

Directions: From Seogwipo Bus Terminal, take bus no. 201 or 281 and get off at
삼매봉 Bus Stop. From there, you’ll have to walk for 14 minutes. Or you may also take bus no. 202, 282, 510, 531, 532, 633 from 제주월드컵경기장 Bus Stop and get off at the same 삼매봉 Bus Stop. Although it is best to have a private car or take a taxi when you go there so you won’t to wait that long for the arrival of the bus.

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