Self-Service Ice Cream Shop in Korea

Ice cream is a favorite comfort food of many people. Regardless if the weather is humid or cold, we just couldn’t get enough of the satisfaction that we get whenever we eat ice cream. In Korea, a country who is known for its innovative ideas, they come up with this Self-Service Ice Cream shop. This kind of shop is now widely available around the country.

What is a Self-Service Ice Cream Shop?

As its name suggests, it is an ice cream shop where you will have to serve your self from picking your food items up to payment. It is really fascinating to know that you can do this type of business in Korea without having to think of security issues. And just in case, something fraudulent or theft hapens, the store is equipped ith CCTV cameras. This kind of shop offers a better experience especially to those people who don’t want to or not in the mood to talk to cashiers or sellers. You can also take your time in choosing your desired ice cream flavor.

What to buy from there?

Ice Cream

Of course, as an ice cream shop, you can definitely buy ice cream in different flavors, sizes and shapes from Self-Service ice cream shops in Korea. It has most of the famous Korean ice creams that you can usually find in supermarkets and convenient stores. And I could say that Korean ice creams are really the best and a must-try. They also have imported ice cream flavors. The price of a popsicle ranges from 400 to 1,000 KRW only. The one in small tub ranges from 4,500 to 6,000 KRW. While ice cream in cone costs 800 to 1,000 KRW.

Snacks and Jellies

Aside from ice cream, yo ucan also find snacks, jellies, candies and chocolates from these self-service ice cream shops. They are even selling snacks from other countries. Would you believe that they have my all-time favorite snacks from the Philippines? I was really shocked when I saw it, and happy at the same time. The price of these snacks are cheaper too compare to other regular stores.

Like for example, my favorite Piattos costs 1,000 KRW there but when I buy it from an international grocery store, it would cost me 1,500 KRW.


Moreover, they are also selling drinks in bottle, pack and can to quench your thirst.

Easy-to-Cook Processed Food

Also, it is actually surprising that aside from ice cream, snack and beverages, they are also selling easy-to-cook processed food in small servings. It includes items such as chicken breast, sausage, mandu, and even steak. It’s like an ice cream shop with a mini convenience store. Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if they will add more items in the future.

How to Pay?

As mentioned, since this kind of ice cream shop is a self-service, you will have to process the payment by yourself. To do it, you will have to scan the bar code of the items that you will buy at the scanner and its price will appear on the screen. Do it with the rest of the items in your basket and once you are done, proceed to the payment. You can opt to use or card in paying. In paying thru cash, you can use paper bill or coins. This is such a good way to get rid of your coins that you usually get as change in supermarkets. While in using your card, just put it on a card slot located on the lower right of the machine.

If you are done paying, you can nwo take your bought items with you using your own shopping bag or the provided plastic bag. So if you happen to come across this kind of ince cream shop in Korea, don’t hesitate to try buying from there!

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