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Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul- World’s First Floating Complex

When it comes to bespoke places in Korea, Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul ranks high for obvious reasons. The mega cultural complex serves as a fascinating landmark. At the same time, it gives you captivating views of the Han River.

Situated in the heart of downtown Seoul, you can’t miss this beautiful spot. Moreover, it’s also renowned as the world’s first floating complex. Yes, that means these structures literally float on water.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

In general, the mega-complex comprises of three floating islands. And they glow, granting a brilliant luminesce to the Han river below. At the same time, it also features a spot called Yevit. And that’s where you’ll find plenty of media-related screenings.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

All in all, this destination enlightens the soul. It’s no wonder why travelers and locals simply can’t get enough of its serene facades.

How do I get there- Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul

You can arrive at your desired destination with absolute ease. Simply hop on to Express Bus Terminal Station. This is Subway lines 3,7, and 9. Then opt for exit 8-1. Soon, you’ll be able to spot the glorious location, surrounding by Han River’s fabulous views.

Getting here

History- an enthralling display of 3 gorgeous islands

Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul covers a combined area of 10,421 meters squared of blissful land. It comprises of 3 gorgeous islands that combine to unveil a dynamic floral structure.

Meanwhile, the names of the islands include Gavit, Chavit, and Solvit. On the other hand, Yevit is another floating structure, accompanying the false islands.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Each island houses lobbies, rooftops, and decks that give them a unique charm. And before we forget, this multi-million project carries a lot of investment.

Reports confirm that it takes around $11.6 million of annual expenses to help ensure it looks stunning as ever. Now that’s a lot of money for the tourism sector.

In 2006, Korea received the suggestion to begin the construction of the artificial islands. And soon enough, by 2014, the mega floating complex became the talk of Seoul with its grand opening.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Unraveling the magnificence of urban design

It’s needless to say that the grand architecture will steal your heart in an instant. Designed by New York’s famous H Architecture and Korea’s Haeahn Architecture, Sebitseom is an absolute masterpiece.

All three islands house several different cultural, recreational, and educational functions. Most importantly, did you know Sebitseom translates as ‘3 Floating Lantern Islands?’

The versatile structure stems from a number of stages of the blooming flower. This includes the seed, bud, as well as the blossom. Furthermore, each island represents each of these stages, and they do it so well!

As a whole, the entire project gives out radiant vibes that feature glass, steel, and woodwork. Since the islands float on water, they are intricately designed. And to launch them into the Han River means using rollers and casters.

Similar to moving boats on water, that’s how the islands became launched into the river.

Entry into the world of pop culture- Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul

This gorgeous mega project is so stunning visually that it made its way into the world’s entertainment industry. Today, you’ll find a number of productions featuring views of its brilliance.

For instance, Kdramas like She Was Pretty Athena: Goddess Of War showed the location’s grandeur. Similarly, you can find the islets in the super hit film Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Last but not least, The Amazing Race 29 shot episode 11 at this glorious location.

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Looks like the fame and raving reviews aren’t solely restricted to Korea only, it’s a global affair! Moreover, we’re not surprised one bit. With such enchanting views and slender architecture, it’s hard not to fall in love.

Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul- an intricately designed affair

What keeps the islands in their proper position, while sitting on water? Well, the islands float through a pontoon structure. You can think of it like a system for floating runways for planes. It uses brilliant technology and water condition monitoring systems too.

All of the three islands tie beautifully together with LED lighting systems. And that’s how you see them emitting various colors harmoniously against the soothing riverbank.

Island Terra- the seed

This is the smallest of the three islands. Certainly, its exciting features include plenty of leisure filled activities like water sports. Above all, the stellar roof garden and clubhouse are intriguing. Let’s not forget the thrilling water slides that make you plunge into the Han River.

Island Viva- the bud

Here is where you’ll find plenty of spaces for cultural performances. This includes entertainment as well as exhibitions too. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to term it as the center for urban entertainment.

Exciting features worth a glance include the 3D bar, outdoor space for dancing, and IT bar. Above all, the metal-themed petals give the structure a standout aura. Here, the island’s system projects sensations similar to flowers blooming. How cool is that?

Island Vista- the blossom

This is the largest of the three artificial islands. And it’s primiarly made of glass petals, arranged in layers. Furthermore, it can accommodate a whopping 700 people. So that means it’s ideal for festivals, concerts and cultural performances too.

Other exciting features include the firefly garden and restaurant. There’s even an observation deck too.

With so much to look forward to, Sebitseom Floating Island Seoul is truly a magical affair. The alluring way it stimulates the grand Han River water landscape is beyond belief.

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