Sangso-dong Forest Park: Time to Make a Wish!

When you get to Sangso-dong forest park, you will realize it is the perfect time to make a wish! Because of how many stone towers are there! Due to this, it is the best place to go if you have some wishes to make.

It is said that when you put a rock at the top of the stone tower, and it does not fall, your wish will become true. And since we want you to try it, we will introduce you to this place!

Make a Wish!


What is the meaning of Stone Towers?

Have you ever seen these stone towers before? You can usually find them in mountains when doing hiking. But what it is the meaning? Let’s figure out!

It is a folk belief. The stone towers are said to be a transcription of faith. Because they contain the wishes of people. In other words, people make a wish to these.

They might look like if they were built random. But they have a certain way to be created.

The stone tower’s body is formed like this:
– The base
– The body
– The top stone
– The interior

Plus it has a cylindrical stacked top and bottom. Where the cones get narrower and narrower as stones are piled up.

Inside, you can find various items that reflect the people’s prayers. For example, a pitchfork for ranking in fortune, talismans to keep out bad fortune, five kinds of grains to pray for a good harvest, etc. And only the people who put it, knows the content of it.

When you are in Sangso-dong forest park, take a stone and put it in the top of the tower, then it will be the perfect time to make a wish!

The Story of Lee Deok-Sang (이덕상)

This is the story of Lee Deok-sang (73) and Lee Geum-hwi (67), who met at the forest. An old couple has been building stone towers there for two years. With the purpose of introducing their own stories. Since each of their towers, have a meaning behind.

Their journey began in August, 2003. When they participated in the ‘Building 1,000 Stone Towers in Forest Park’ campaign conducted the Dong-gu Office in Daejeon.

They did three stone pagodas, of five meters high and three meters wide. In only 13 months.

These, contain the wishes of an elderly couple wishing for regional development and peace. And of course, they are pretty meaningful. Because the stones where picked up one to two kilometers away from the valley. And they even chiseled some of them to make them have a perfect shape.

modern stone towers

The reason to why Mr. Lee Deok-sang started to build stone towers, is because he was able to experience their power in first hand. Because when he was younger, he built some for fun. But then, a flood caused a landslide that left the farms buried. For his surprise, the houses that were around the stone towers did not had major damages. Because the stones that were stuck, saved their lives.

Now, he builds these stone towers with his wife. Who has a heart as big as him.

Ice Kingdom

An ice hill, which is in harmony with the sky, can be found.

This ice garden is 300m in length. And it is only available in winter.

On December, the staff of the park create these ice towers using the water of the surrounding valleys. Which do not defrost. Due to the low temperatures. And of course, because they keep spraying water to keep them in shape.

The ice towers look like gemstones. Because they are clear. And also, shine brightly when the sun hits directly. Not to mention, that these ice columns are tall and wide, which makes you feel that you are indeed in a winter kingdom. Such as the one in ‘Frozen’ movie.

In some ice towers, you can take a picture up close. But others, have a rope in front. Which means that you cannot get close.

The ones that you can take picture with, are in the beginning of the path. 

With this in mind, we suggest you to take your pictures in the first one you see without a rope. Because most of the ice columns, are protected.


Resting Areas

There are some traditional pavilions where you can rest. And also some benches around the park. Which makes it a great place to spend your day.

There are public restrooms as well. With this in mind, you wont have to worry about leaving early.

Different Walking Paths

There are some bridges around the park. Which connect to other areas. So as many signs that help you out in not getting lost.

I have heard that when it is autumn, the bridges are a popular photo zone. Because of the colorful leaves of the trees that surround it.

Protection Against Bugs and Wild Animals

There are many signs warning you about the possible dangers. And one of them, is the bugs.

Because of this, there are some boxes that look like the picture shown below. Where you can find insect repellent. Which you can use it for free.

As for the snakes, there is not much you can do. Just to be careful.

In addition, there is another box with no sign. But this one, has an air machine to remove the dust from your shoes and clothes. It is not the same.


There is a playground for kids. Which I found interesting.

Because one part of it, it is in a closed area. Therefore, the kids have their privacy.

In the playground, you can find swings, slides and even a rock climbing wall!

Recreational Areas

There is another playground, which is pretty interesting. Because everything is made with wood. Therefore, it looks rustic.

Plus, adults can also play in that area. The day I went, I saw a group of elders using the zip line and the swing.

In addition, there are swimming pools. Which can be used during summer.


Besides being surrounded by nature, there is not much around.

What you can find, is a camping area. Which is not related to the park. Since camping in the forest is prohibited. But maybe, you can try and rent there. In case that you want to do hiking and go all over the park.

As for food, I saw one street vendor cart in the path to the forest. But they only had foods like hotteok.

However, there are some restaurants nearby. But you might need to take public transportation.

It is important to mention, that you cannot cook in the forest.


As we mentioned before, this place is located in Daejeon.

Address: 산1-1 Sangso-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon

How to get there:
From Daejeon Station, you need to take bus no. 501. And then, wait for 27 stops. After that, you will get off in ’산정마을’. From there, you must cross the street and walk straight until you see a car tunnel. When you do, you need to continue walking in the path you already are. Do not cross the street. And you will find it.

(Summer) 09:00 ~ 20:00
(Winter) 09:00 ~ 19:00


Sangso-dong Forest Park is equipped with various facilities for natural experiences and recreation, plus every time you go, it is the time to make a wish! Because the stone towers will make your dream come true.

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