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Running Man Episode 1 Theme Park

Are you looking for a theme park that suits all age of people? Running Man Theme Park is the best choice for you.

I suggest pre-booking the ticket through Naver so that you can get a discount. There will be sales, so make sure to check the Running Man website from time to time.



It is advisable to wear sports attire or comfortable outfits. There are many activities where you need to jump and move here and there, so choose your clothing wisely. 

There is a height measuring at the entrance, so if you are bringing your kids, measure the height before entering and make sure it is more than 110 cm. Kids under 13 years old need parental guidance.

How to Get there?


41, Insadong 5-Gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, (B1)

You can use the subway, take Line 1 until Jonggak station, and exit at 3-1. Walk 300 m straight and turn right into the junction at NH Bank. In 40 m, you will see the Running Man statue.

Running Man Statue

Operating hours

11 a.m to 6 p.m but starting at 5 p.m no entry. I could recommend going on weekdays especially during lunch hours because fewer people, so that you can avoid the queue.

Basic Information

Once you have entered the building, there will be Covid-19 checking. It is a regular temperature screening and writing our essential personal information on the provided book. For temperature checking, make sure to relax and drink water especially during summer because you cannot enter if the temperature is above 37.5℃. Somehow they will ask you to recheck the temperature after 5 minutes if it is above 37.5℃. 

The one I would like to introduce is an open challenge. You are given 1 hour to accomplish all your tasks. Before you enter, they will give wrist bands to tag before and after doing each task. Besides, you need to choose a group between the three groups which are red, green, and blue. For every task, there is a sample video displaying how to accomplish it near each task region. So, do refer to it. It’s helpful. 

There are a few ‘R Point Check’ self-service machines where you can check the total number of points you have collected and check the task you have not accomplished yet. You just need to tag your wristband on the R symbolized button on the machine to access it.

What are the activities?

12 missions in total

1. As soon as you’ve entered is tagging the R symbol board to collect points of your chosen team color. 

2. This activity is more to workout for me. Fast run in place for 30 seconds. It’s tiring. I’m sure you can feel your hamstrings burning after this task.

3. Skipping without a rope. The machine will signal you when to jump by saying jump and pop-up red light. It will start slow and gradually increase the speed of jumping. It seems easy to score but in reality, it’s quite hard to jump perfectly matching the instruction. 

4. Shouting. There is a red booth by the side similar to a photo booth where you just need to shout out loud at the mic above until the pitch bar hits maximum. I shouted together with my friend since I’ve failed my first solo trial.

5. Removing the name tag. Hold on, don’t get too excited. It’s not the same as in the Running Man show. Unfortunately, no running and no chasing around with your friends to detach the name tag. Instead, you just need to press the name that displayed red light around the wall. And of course, you can do it together with your friend to obtain full points. 

6. Exactly opposite the name tag removing corner, there are big screens for the people search task. They will provide three people with specific features in terms of their clothing and equipment. You need to spot those people from a crowded place with nearly similar features of people. So, good luck, and you can try to accomplish it with your partner.

7. Throwing balls into holes. There are 3 holes with different sizes but you can throw into either one you prefer. The only task I couldn’t accomplish. The exit has zigzag strings, just crawl down.

8. At the center of the game area, there is a tapping task. Just tap the two buttons continuously with high speed until the time ends.

Tapping task

9. Mirror. The most challenging task for me. The task is to find the R button to tag with our band but the pathway is covered with mirrors, so the reflection confused me. They do have exit signs but it was hard to find the way out.

10. Maze mirror. You just need to bend your body when entering and tag the R sign cubes inside the galaxy spots. You need to stand straight when you see holes that are the galaxy spots. Watch your head.

11. Ghost room. As you entered the room, there will be ghost screaming background soundtrack and the room will be completely dark, so move cautiously step by step. Along the way, if you feel the R sign button, don’t forget to tag your band.

12. Ring hanging. Hang from the rings and hold the position for 30 seconds. Make sure your feet are not on the ground.

That’s it for the tasks. And don’t forget to immortalize your running man experience at the photo booth. When exiting the game area, you can obtain a bonus time from the spinning wheel.

Useful Tips

  • You can store your belongings inside the locker which cost only 1000 Korean won. No coins, only paper money 1000 won. If you don’t have one, just change the money at the money exchange machine at the side of the locker.
  • There is no washroom in the game area, so before entering inside, make sure to go to the toilet.
  • You can do a task as much as you want until you get full points but be aware of the remaining time.
  • You can collaborate with your friends when doing the tasks, so don’t be so stressed when you failed a task, just enjoy the process with your friends, family, or partner.
  • Make sure to tag the R signage before and after doing each activity.
  • Once you exit, you can get the Running Man badge according to the score you’ve obtained out of 88 points. You can claim the photo taken inside the photo booth at the counter, but you need to pay for it. 

Hope you will enjoy your adventures in this Running Man theme park.

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