Rovin Vintage Museum Cafe

Busan has a long list of fun activities on offer for travellers, including things you cannot do elsewhere in Korea. ROVIN Vintage Museum Cafe has recently gained popularity not only with ordinary visitors, but international antique collectors.

Rovin Vintage Museum Cafe

ROVIN is an unusual place as it is primarily an antique shop, but with a cafe built inside. For over 12 years, the owner has collected antique items from near and far, including furniture, toys, dishware and more.

When you walk into ROVIN, you will think that you are in a museum. What’s more, the general theme of the surrounding objects are reminiscent of old American films. While ROVIN is not the first cafe in Korea to incorporate a unique theme, it is one of few where you can actually purchase everything in store. That’s right, from the lamps to the stained glass windows, everything here can be purchased. Therefore, if you’re a lover of coffee and/or antiques, then you should definitely visit.

The cafe menu is simple but a crowd pleaser. Coffee, tea, lemonade and various pastries like brownies and cookies. Moreover, the food and drink is served on the elegant antique dishware that the owner has collected.

You probably didn’t need telling that ROVIN is one huge photo zone. However, what you might not have known is the personal care and consideration taken by the owners. The owners, a young couple, have arranged the courtyard and outdoor veranda with particularly unique objects. Therefore, you and your friends can take a photo that really sums up this one-of-a-kind cafe! Moreover, even when the cafe is closed, the surrounding area is always open for photos.

It’s best to designate a good amount of time for exploring this cafe. If you leave too quickly, you may miss some of the most scenic areas! For instance, a coastal road is right next to the cafe, where you can see a small pine grove and stunning views.

Address: Rovin Museum, 71 140beon-gil, Sinhosandan 1(il)-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan
Operating Hours: 11:30am-6:00pm Tue-Sat, 11:00am-7:00pm Sun; Closed Mon
Instagram: @rovin_museum_cafe

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