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Restaurants and Cafes in Suwon Hwaseong: The Trendiest and Most Aesthetic

Suwon Hwaseong is a hidden gem for pretty restaurants and cafes that are totally worth hunting down.  If you love café hopping and exploring aesthetic restaurants, then this guide is made specially for you. I will list the operation hours and address as well, so if you plan to visit any of them, you may refer to it. Read more to find out more on what kind of food and refreshments you can enjoy while visiting Suwon.

Burger Stage

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, Burger Stage’s appearance is beautifully designed to look like a traditional Korean hanok village. However, it has a retro atmosphere with contemporary interior designs. They have an open kitchen, so we can see the chef cooking there. The whole building looks huge on the outside, but you can only dine on the first floor. You can take Instagrammable worthy pictures in front of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a very catchy tagline.

“Homemade burgers are not fast food.”

This restaurant offers high-quality, fast and premium homemade burger options. The menu is in fully in Korean, but fret not, you can use Papago or ask the waiters to help you translate them. There are lists of burgers, signature burgers, combo sets, side dishes, beverages and alcoholic drinks on the menu. My friend and I ordered the chicken breast burger combo set which comes with a mini bottle of Coca Cola and French fries. The price range of a burger is 7900 to 11900 won.

We waited for around 10 minutes for the burger to arrive. Personally, I love their packaging design – very plain and vintage which matches well with their interior. The burger was perfectly made, and the chicken breast blends so well with the sauce. The fries are just nice and not too greasy.

Look at the size of the chicken breast and the filings of the burger! 

Hongrard Coffee

Hongrard Coffee is a retro-themed café located on the street right opposite to Haenggung Palace. It is located on the second floor. They also have some vintage things for sale while you are waiting for your coffee. The café had a great ambience too, making it the perfect place for you to take a short break before starting your exploration in Suwon Hwaseong. Moreover, it is a chilly place to have laid-back and relaxed time while enjoying the vintage vibes of the café.

They have an extensive selection of drinks to choose from – Einspanner (Vienna Coffee), coffee, tea and non-coffee beverages. This café stands out for its cute-looking Charlie brownie and variety of toasts. The price of the drinks and desserts very reasonable, ranging from 4000 to 6000 won.

We ordered their signature desserts Charlie brownie, a cup of café latte and peach iced tea. The brownie was served with a vanilla ice-cream, cherry and bananas. It tasted really nice and goes well with the drinks we ordered.


Finding 91Coffee may be slightly tricky, but once you manage to reach the café, you would feel like you have entered another world. The café is hidden in a quiet neighborhood in Suwon Hwaseong. You need to hike a little in order to reach the café. This rooftop café offers a bird’s eye view of Suwon Hwaseong city. I recommend you to visit this café at night to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city to its fullest.

The menu comprises of coffee, non-coffee, tea and desserts. Their signature drinks are almond comoda, mocha dulche and malcha seco. Make sure you try one of these as they tasted really rich and unique. Desserts wise, 91Coffee serves tiramisu, mini basque cheese cake, egg tart and brownie. The desserts are quite small but it is definitely worth the price. The price of the drinks ranges from 4000 won to 6500 won while the desserts are 3000 to 5000 won.

On the rooftop, there is a white-colored staircase and a moon. The moon will be lit up around 6:00pm every day. This is a very famous Instagrammable photo zone. With its modest yet one of a kind aesthetics, many people and even influencers make all their way here to have their photos taken.


If you are a fan of hipster cafes and restaurants, feel free to visit any of the recommended ones above.  I hope you found this list helpful and that you’d come by yourself to explore unique cafes and restaurants in Suwon Hwaseong.


I am a 21-year-old student currently studying in South Korea. I love to walk, travel and eat! :)