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Recharge yourself with the best coffee at dal.komm café!

If you are a coffee fanatic then I’ve got some good news for you! The uber famous dal.komm franchise has opened their new signature café at Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul! Which means all you coffee fanatics out there just got yourself a new place to enjoy a steaming cup of one of the best coffees in town!

Also did I mention that the new café is literally 2 minutes away from the Cheonggyecheon Stream? So, you could spend some time watching the waterfall and the stream flowing serenely under the bridge before going to get a warm cup of coffee! It sure is a very soothing way to spend your day and recharge your batteries!

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Getting there

You can get here pretty easily by using the metro. Just take the subway to Gwanghwamun Station. The Cheonggyecheon Stream is just a 3 min walk from the station exit! Or you could head straight to the café which is also just a few minutes away from the exit.

That’s it! Welcome to the newest dal.komm café in Seoul!

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A European-style open café

The dal.komm branch at Cheonggye Plaza has a really cool design concept. It is modeled after a classic European-style open café. This means that you can actually enjoy your coffee on the terrace or get a table on the rooftop.

Pro tip Get yourself a table on the rooftop so you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Cheonggyecheon!

I really love the fact that the seating arrangement is pretty well-thought out and the tables are placed at a good distance from each other so you can get some privacy from the other customers. The soft, yellow glow from the lamps also adds a nice touch which makes the whole setting feel more warm and cozy.

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Honestly, dal.komm café is probably the best place to drink coffee when the weather is nice in Seoul and you want to avoid the stuffiness of sitting indoors.

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dal.komm café : a place to heal

Aside from a cool design concept the cafe also has a very relaxing vibe because of its REBORN theme. I love how they have vines growing around the REBORN sign because it is a really nice way to say that we need to connect back with nature to heal from the stress of modern life!

The theme of this café goes really well with the whole vibe of Cheonggyecheon Stream as well. The remodeled stream has given everyone in Cheonggyecheon the opportunity to recharge from the stress of daily life through the rejuvenating power of nature!

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Let’s sample some of the best coffees at dal.komm café Seoul!

Finally its coffee time! dal.komm has a really extensive list of some of the best coffees on offer in Seoul. They source some of the best coffee beans from Brazil and Costa Rica to brew their coffee. Here, you can get espressos, americanos, mocha lattes, caramel macchiato, cappuccinos and much more!

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They also have some other good options like their cube series available in 4 different fruity flavors. And let’s not forget their famous bingsu which is offered in mango, red bean and cherry tomato flavor!

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Also, check out their fresh meal boxes. Customers can choose between a bagel and a croissant option. All of the boxes come with a generous serving of fresh salad to balance out the carbs! This is a really good deal for office workers who want to grab a healthy meal during their lunch break. No more settling for unhealthy fast food options!

Some final thoughts

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To wrap up I would like to say that the new dal.komm branch at Cheonggye Plaza is a lovely place to unwind after a tough day at work with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I would also recommend this place if you need to clear your head and enjoy some quality time alone. We all need a break sometimes and that’s ok!

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