Reblocell’s EGF Skincare Line: To Look Younger For Much Longer

Ever since I arrived in Korea, I have been on a journey of self-care and learning about beauty products. Reblocell not only offered an opportunity to try their products. They also taught me all about skincare. Being a bio skincare company already sets Reblocell apart from many brands. But it is their continuous research spanning 40 years on EGF products that truly makes the brand special.

What is EGF?

EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factor which is the protein in our body responsible for the regeneration of skin cells. More specifically, the production of collagen and elastin. These factors play an immense role in the process of aging. Unfortunately, after the age of 20, we can all expect our EGF levels start decrease as wrinkles form. 

EGF Products

Reblocell Aesthetics focuses on developing safe, sterile products to revitalize the skin through natural bio-cosmetics with less ingredients than any other brand. Reblocell cutting-edge technology works to absorb active EGF into all the layers of skin. Their products target cells that are showing signs of aging, activating regeneration to maintain a younger appearance.

Years of research and development have established Reblocell as a ministry certified company. The company offers preservative-free products highly compatible with human skin. As a result their products are irritant free and have amazing results!

Blossom Foam EGF 1ppm 150ml

Blossom Foam is a highly active EGF that helps restore aging skin. It contains low-temperature aged natural oil and 10 kinds of herbal extracts. All of which make sensitive and aging skin elastic and healthy.

How to Use:

Blossom Ampoule EGF 4ppm 5ml

The Blossom Ampoule is a sterile, preservative-free total anti-aging ampoule. It helps creates elastic, healthy skin. The product safely gets EGF and FGF to he skin and helps rebuild natural skin strength. It contains 4 ppm of EGF with guaranteed visible results.

Hot to Use:

  1. Remove the cap and replace it with the dropper.
  2. Apply 1 or 2 drops to the face.
  3. Massage to absorb the product.

*This is a preservative-free product that must be used within 7 days of opening and stored in the refrigerator to maintain quality

Blossom Mask Premium EGF 1ppm 1 Sheet

Their masks are special anti-aging facial masks focused on skin regeneration. Blossom masks are made from natural material with fibers extracted from coconuts. The masks are safe and sterile, preservative-free products. They contain highly active EGF which restores aging skin and increases elasticity.

How to Use:

Product Name : Blossom Booster EGF 2ppm 30ml

Blossom Booster is a GF Booster that calms sensitive skin and helps absorb the next steps of the skincare routine. It cleans pores and sterilizes the skin. The Blossom Booster is a comfortable pore cleansing spray that sterilizes skin and contains less than 10 ingredients significantly reducing skin redness and irritation with a light and fress texture.

How to Use:

Spray a couple times and let the skin absorb the light textured product to provide a fresh feeling with no residue. 

Blossom Serum EGF 4ppm 30ml

This product is a EGF solution serum that increases skin’s nutrition and moisture retention. It contains highly active EGF. Additionally, the product has undergone a fermentation process using natural ingredients. Including beta-glucan, which helps strengthen immunity and increase the skin’s natural strength.

How to Use:

Blossom Cream 50ml

Blossom Cream moisturizes the skin and blocks external irritation at the same time. It mproves damaged skin, and moisturizes it from the inside out. As a result, it is suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

How to Use:

Aesthetic Clinic Experience

The moment I walked into the Reblocell Aesthetics clinic, I was pleasantly received by a kind group of staff and a welcoming ambience. The dark green and gold theme paired with the fresh scent of plants and classical music made it a calming experience from the very start. A staff member explained the aesthetic treatment in fluent English and offered me warm tea and company as I waited to be treated.

The Reblocell Aesthetic Program included a Cleansing Phase, EGF Treatment with Reblocell products including a variety of facial massages, mask application and relaxation period.

The treatment room is very minimalistically decorated and very clean which added to the relaxing experience. Nothing was overwhelming or out of place and the staff is very respectful during the whole process of getting ready before and after the treatment. During the course of applying products and massaging, the aesthetician always asked if everything was comfortable and ok with each step. 


Immediately after the Aesthetic treatment I could see results with my skin texture feeling renewed, plump, and smoother than before. However, in the week following I continued using Rablocell products at home as I incorporated them into my skincare routine and seen the effects of it first-hand.

The Blossom Foam Cleanser and Blossom Cream I found to be my favorite products with the cleanser proving to be effective in removing my make up completely everyday and the moisturizer always providing a smooth and comfortable barrier for my skin. I have very sensitive skin and have always struggled to find products that don’t cause irritation but Rablocell having all bio cosmetic products with safe ingredients from human-derived proteins is just right for me. 

Reblocell (리블로셀)

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