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Quirky Hideout: Basement B1 Cafe

I love quiet cafes and Basement B1 Cafe is one of my favorites. This quirky place has been my secret hideout for the past year and I love it. But, I feel like it needs just a little bit more recognition.

The Entrance

It is not that hard to find the cafe if you know how to spot it. The big yellow signage on the shutters that say “B1”, as well as the arrow pointing you in the direction of the cafe makes it easy to find. There you will find a flight of stairs that lead you down into the cozy cafe. Don’t be afraid to go in, it’s not as scary as it looks.

Inside Basement B1 Cafe

The rustic decor, the dim lighting, and the odd little trinkets scattered strategically around add character to the place. The couch, with the projector before it, playing random movies gives the cafe a quirky touch as well. The size of the cafe is relatively small. There are only a few seats, making it a great place for some alone time. Or, for introverts like me, it’s a great place to avoid Seoul’s crowds.

Basement B1 Cafe’s Menu

The menu was adorable!

As you can see, they have a variety of drinks for you to choose from. If you’re a coffee-lover, you won’t be bored with the number of options. If you love teas, like me, then you will love the Four Seasons Teas. I’ve tried all of them and I still cannot pick out a favorite. They also sell beer here, so if you’re none of the above, then at least you can enjoy popping a cold one.

There are also a couple of desserts you can enjoy together with your beverages such as; toasted marshmallows, egg brioche, waffles, Jerry cheesecake, and lots more.

As for myself, I got my usual, which is the Mugwort Matcha Latte. As a huge fan of mugwort, Basement B1 Cafe did it justice by creating this lovely beverage. It was creamy, not too sweet, and just perfect for my tastebuds. Topping it off with milky foam and matcha powder on the top was the icing on the cake!

Final Thoughts

Basement B1 Cafe is perfect for evenings or even afternoons alone, with your friends, or with that special someone. The cozy and rustic interior brings a weird sense of comfort to those who want to get away from their busy lifestyles and just… hideaway.

Basement B1 Cafe (지하실B1) 

Address:  18 Sagajeong-ro 45-gil
Korean Address: 서울 중랑구 사가정로45길 18
Operating Hours: 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM

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