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QooQoo: The Best Sushi Buffet in Korea

We all know how crazy expensive sushi is. A 20-pack at Emart can cost around 30,000 won – Ouch! Well, for less than the price of a single pack you can eat unlimited sushi, pizza, salad, and more at QooQoo! QooQoo is a popular Korean franchise with locations not only all over Korea but also in other Asian countries as well.

Price of QooQoo

Undoubtedly, the best part about Qoo Qoo is the price. So, let’s take a closer look!

Weekday Lunch: 19,000 Won
Weekday Dinner: 24,900 Won
Weekends and Holidays: 26,900 Won
Elementary School Students: 13,900 Won
For children (36 months - elementary): 8,000 Won

The price includes all buffet items in the restaurant and drinks. It is a little pricey for a single meal. However, if you consider what is on offer, it is a steal. The price of a single plate at a sushi restaurant would be similar. But, at QooQoo you can choose between a wide range of dishes.


QooQoo has sooo many kinds of sushi. They not only have standard sushi, but also rolls and kimbap. They have all of the classic sushi such as salmon, tuna, shrimp, monkfish, octopus, egg, eel, and beef.

For rolls, they have both the classics and some inventive combinations. They have some rolls that you would expect from any sushi restaurant such as a salmon roll or an eel roll. But, they also have a lot of options for those who aren’t a big fan of seafood like spam rolls and cheese rolls.

The Fresh Corner

The fresh corner is the biggest corner in the restaurants and a big ice glass container with various kinds of seafood. According to one Naver blogger, they even compared that food with flowers because of how appealing it looked.

On the left side, they prepared sushi while on the right side are rolls of kimbap. There are many kinds of rolls, even more than I thought. Especially, behind the corner is chefs making sushi rolls and they secure the food for you so it won’t fall apart. You can enjoy not only the taste but also the entire aesthetic of the sushi-making process.

Additionally, this section also has crab and shrimp which can be cooked rather than made into sushi.

Hot Food

Although the main attraction at QooQoo is sushi, they don’t disappoint with their hot food. QooQoo’s hot food includes pizza, fried chicken, BBQ, pasta, and dumplings. And so, even if someone in your friend group has an aversion to sushi, they will still enjoy the restaurant to the fullest.

As for myself, this section of the restaurant immediately caught my attention. I love comfort foods like noodles, pizza, and dumplings. Plus, the staff made sure that it was at the correct temperature, which can often be a problem at buffets. After I chose my food, the staff reheated it on the spot. Plus most of the food was cut into perfect bite-size pieces. As far as hot food at a buffet goes, it was a very pleasant experience.


Vegetables in Korea can be very expensive. So, for those looking for a big dose of leafy greens, this is also a great option! QooQoo has a salad bar with lots of pre-made salads on offer. There are lots of options in this section that is perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Pandemic Precautions

QooQoo is an extremely popular buffet chain in Korea, so it is always packed with people on weekend evenings. Even though the pandemic is less severe, and there are very few official social distancing measures the disease is not gone.

QooQoo still keeps tables separated and has safety measures in place. Sanitary gloves are provided for you to use when you go up and get food from the buffet. Plus, there are disinfectants everywhere for you to use at your convenience.

Seasonal Menu

One of the best parts about QooQoo when compared to other similar buffet chains is their seasonal menu. Each season, they add new menu items. This, allows you to keep going back and try new things each time.

For this spring, they added some trendy items such as cheese churros and banana bread pudding to the menu for dessert. Yum!


QooQoo is the perfect place for you to go if you are craving sushi, or if you are dining with people who have a range of preferences. There are options available for everyone. And so, you can enjoy a sushi buffet as your vegan or vegetarian friends fill up on pasta and salad. It is by far the best buffet chain in Korea!

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