The Mailbox Street: Quirky Mailboxes in Gunsan

If you want to have a unique experience in your trip to Gunsan, The Mailbox Street is surely the place for you, thanks to the quirky mailboxes that are on the way.

With their desire of attracting tourists, Gunsan is in fact a city with a vast of things to do. Since they have turned this area into a place where you can learn about their history in a modern way. And The Mailbox Street, is indeed a great example of it. Since you can get to know about the past in an interactive way. As each mailbox, has a story to share.

Now, let us introduce you to this place that you might want to visit next!

A street with quirky mailboxes

This street was born thanks to a resident-led urban regeneration project. Where locals, were responsible for planning and securing budgets on their own.

With the idea of reviving the old Gunsan Post Office through story-telling, they collected 40 waste mailboxes from some other cities. Which then were decorated with the help of a local cultural organization.

Now, it has become a place that has caught everyone’s attention. Due to the funny mailboxes that you can find in your way. Plus you can learn about history from them. Since some of them, have audio.


As seen in the map, this area is not that big. And that indeed makes it the perfect place to go on for a stroll!

It is in fact a good idea to walk around The Mailbox Street when you come to Gunsan, as you will find quirky mailboxes in each road.


From the past to present

The zone in which The Mailbox Street is located, was a major activity area for artists from the Japanese Colonial era until 1980. A cultural space for teenagers that now has become a place to remind local people of past memories.

Handwritten Letters Festival

This street began to be known by residents thanks to the ‘Handwritten Letters Festival’. Which was held in 2018. And from there, each year is done. Although in 2020 was cancelled due to COVID.

‘’Uncle postman’’ sculpture

Divided by countries

The streets are divided by continents. For example, there is a street of Asia. Where you will find pictures of the mailboxes that are used in each country from it.

Because of this, it is interesting to walk around. Since you can compare the differences of each place. Plus it is indeed entertaining to try to find yours!

Talking mailboxes

There are some mailboxes that even perform interesting stories! To activate them, you must turn on the NFC of your smartphone. Which you will need to put next to the blue rectangle ㅡ as seen in the first picture ㅡ that is on their head. Then, you will hear either a story or you will receive a mission. You can as well get some souvenirs and benefits by doing that.

From mouth to mouth

As we mentioned before, the urban regeneration project in Sinchang-dong, brought together the voices of local people to develop the area. Which means, that the residents took lead in organizing how this place would be remodeled.

They created a system in which they were responsible for planning, securing budgets, implementing projects, and even taking responsibility for results. And this is how they decided to create mailbox characters to turn it into a fun area.

As expected, the promotion of this place was as well mouth to mouth. Although it did not take long to catch the attention of tourists.

Connecting families and friends

For some people, this place has in fact a nostalgic feeling to it. Since it makes you go back to the past, when our main communication system was sending letters.

Due to this, a lot of people do not miss the chance to send some handwritten letters to their loved ones.

There was a particular case that made people’s heart become warm. And it was from a Vietnamese international student who send a song composed by her. That even made it to the local media in Vietnam and made headlines.

With this in mind, it is for sure a great idea for foreigners to follow this activity and send letters back to their countries!

Photo zone

The more attractive area for pictures, is in fact this wall! That you will surely see from distance no matter from where you come from.

It sums and introduces what this street is about in an eye-catching way. Which makes it for sure in to a instagrammable place, of course.

Post Office

Do not forget to take picture in the post office! As it represents more than 110 years of history.

And you will find a pretty bench in front of it. Which is surrounded by colorful mailboxes that make it in to the perfect spot to snap a photo!

A mailbox to make a wish!

Have you ever heard about the capsule of time? It is an activity where we write about what we wish in the future to become true. And then, after some years, we read those wishes.

This is similar to that! Named as ‘Slow mailbox’, here, you can send a postcard or a handwritten letter to yourself. Which will delivered in a year.

You can also send letters to your family, friends, etc. Of course. As there are no restrictions!

It is in fact a really heartwarming experience to receive something that you can keep as a memory after so long, for sure. And quite exciting to wait for it!

Gunsan Stamp

One exciting thing about visiting Gunsan, is participating in the stamp activity. To do that, you must get a map from either the station or tourist office. Which you must stamp in every spot that you visit of this city. This place, of course has this as well.

It is worth to mention, that it is in front of a souvenir shop. Where you can buy things with the theme of Gunsan to remember your trip!


This place is located in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province.

Jeollabuk-do, Gunsan-si, Sinchang-dong

How to get there:
From Gunsan station you can take bus no. 11, 12, 13, 15 or 16. And wait for 33 stops. You need to get off at the bus stop called ‘중앙사거리’. Where you will have to cross the street and turn to your right.


If you are looking for a unique activity to do in Gunsan, The Mailbox Street is for you, as the quirky mailboxes makes it in to a fun place.

If you have already gone, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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