Poop cafe in Seoul: The unique cafe in Korea.

Café is a part of the Korean culture, so every street has cafés littered around. While that is a thing, there is a unique trend- themed café. There is cat-themed, hanok, racoons, dog cafes. Not forgetting the Lego café, Hello Kitty café, selfie and even poop café. Yeah, poop!

Poop(ddong) is associated with wealth and good fortune in Korea. Having a dream where you see poop, or you use the bathroom is a good sign that fortune will come to you. The poop (ddong) café in insadong has everything poop-related. From the décor to the drinks and even the food! So, if you ever stressed and in need of good fortune, find your way to a poop café.

There is a poop shaped pillow on the chairs, a toilet-shaped mug to drink your latte from, a poop shaped ice-cream and waffles. Even the walls are not left out, there are poop shaped smileys painted on them. There are also poop drawings and poop plush dolls. Hilarious, right?

This is a great place to release the tension and the stress of the day. A perfect café for couples and family. I am sure your kids may find the poop theme hilarious and fun.

The café also sells spaghetti and meatballs in a toilet-shaped dish and poop cakes filled with red bean paste.

ddong cafe in seoul

The café is in Insadong on the top floor of a shopping centre; Ssamziegil on Insadong culture street. In the building, you will find stores selling crafts as well as galleries.

So, if you travelling to Seoul, plan to include a visit to more unique cafes like the poop café. Not only is the quality of the beverage good, you will also have funny stories to share with friends.

🇳🇬 Aiyanyo Titi

Even after 7 years living in Korea, still have love for Kpop, Kdrama and everything K