Pokemon Popup Store in Seoul 2023

Pokemon is a word, a universe, and a brand that has cradled the childhood of more than a generation. It continues to be just as enduring over time. We no longer count the games, movies, animated series, effigies, and other merchandising that the brand has generated over the years. We just accept and welcome them as they come. Here is Seoul we are welcoming the Pokemon Popup at Lotte Department Store.

When & Where

Lotte Department Store announced on the 20th that it will operate a ‘Pokemon’ pop-up store at the plaza on the first floor of Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, Seoul until the 27th for the new school season. It was reported, according to the store team, that over 500 customers lined up on the opening day.

Pokemon Popup Store in Seoul Theme

The interior of this pop-up store is designed with the theme of ‘Academy’ in line with the new semester entrance season. And, the concept is ‘a school that anyone can enter‘ using the new Pokemon game characters ‘Scarlett‘ and ‘Violet‘. 

The pop-up store is decorated with an admissions mission experience zone and a space for selling new products. It is specially designed to reproduce the world of Pokemon offline.

Make Sure to Arrive Early!

Although it says that the operating hours are from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM, a sign was put on display where it’s mentioned that if there are is too high a volume of customers, they will close early.

The closest area where you can wait before the opening of Lotte World Mall is Gate 12. Additionally, the reservation reception hours are 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM. Using your mobile number, you can make a reservation via KakaoTalk. It is possible to make a reservation for up to 4 people at a time. However, keep in mind that you must visit the store within 20 minutes of receiving an admission notification. So, make sure not to arrive early, and not to stray too far while waiting.

Pokemon Popup Store Events

Let’s dive into the exact display and areas of the Pokemon popup store – shall we?

First, The experience zone is a game theme where students enter school and perform missions. In the experience zone, concept pavilions for each theme, such as a gym, classroom, and art room, were decorated to look like Pokémon entering the academy. Then, a photo zone was also set up for family customers to take pictures together. It’s worth mentioning that any visitor can freely take pictures and view the photo zone without making a reservation. The reservation is only required to enter the specific zone where the goods are sold.

During the event, visiting customers will be presented with one of three types of Pokemon sun caps (Nahoa, Tteagao, Kwwax). They are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Customers who have verified their visit to the pop-up store on SNS will also receive a Pikachu hologram Pop Talk through a lottery.

Another point to highlight is the “Stamp Run”. When gathered 4 stamps of the 4 differents pokemon which can be found randomly inside the store, you will be rewarded with a 9th-generation pokemon sticker.

Pokemon Popup Store in Seoul Highlights

In the pop-up store, in addition to the existing Pokemon goods, you can also find new products related to the ‘Nintendo Switch’ game software, ‘Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’. 

Products such as notebooks, ballpoint pens, tumblers, and desk mats were specially prepared for this Pokemon popup store in Seoul for the new semester season. In addition to goods commemorating the release of ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’, they also sell various products. These include stuffed toys such as ‘Gift of the Forest’ and ‘Everyday Happiness’, as well as household goods.

Heo Min-jeong, head of the kid’s team at Lotte Department Store, said, “We will continue to make various attempts so that Lotte World Mall, which has emerged as a mecca for pop-up stores, can provide even more special experiences and pleasures to family customers.” More than 10,000 customers have already visited the Pokemon pop-up store, which will run until February 27th.

See you there, catchin’ them all!