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Planning a Birthday in Korea

There is only one day a year that is all about you – your birthday! When you’re abroad on your birthday you’ll want to celebrate your day the best way possible. You can have all sorts of fun and exciting new experiences. And I must say, I am becoming quite the pro when it comes to planning a birthday party in Korea. So, come on this journey with me as I plan birthday celebrations in Daejeon!

Animal Cafe

Our first stop will be at this amazing animal-themed cafe! It is basically a cafe in which you can interact with cute puppies, hold a meerkat, and even play with a raccoon!!

To go inside the cafe you need to pay an entrance fee of 8,000 won and once you go inside you can also buy some drinks or some snacks. This was an extremely unique experience that you can only have in Korea. And so, I highly recommend visiting an animal cafe on your birthday in Korea.

I have an article just about this cafe, so for more details don’t forget to check out my article by Clicking Here!

Walk along the River

In Korea, there are tons of lakes, rivers, and streams. Each is more beautiful than the next. If you are planning a birthday in Korea, going for a short nature walk is the perfect refresher between activities.

After an amazing time at the animal cafe, we will walk along the river in front of Skyroad, and since it is the beginning of spring we are able to take some amazing pictures there with the blossom trees!

Traditional Market

Traditional markets are not only a great way to experience the culture, but they are also cheap, and serve up some yummy food. It is the perfect place to go if you are planning a birthday in Korea on a budget.

After enjoying some time with the cherry blossoms we will go to the Traditional Market in Daejeon. Over there we will try some street food such as ttokpokki and sikhye, a beverage made of rice. Honestly, the taste of this drink is definitelly not the best in my option, but it is great to try with friends if you are new to Korea.

We also took a look around in the market and there I could find some other traditional foods and snacks which I end up buying to take home. My favourite one was Injeolmi, I supper recommend trying it!

Karaoke Time!

You simply cannot plan a birthday in Korea without stopping at Karaoke. There are so many Karaoke rooms! You can try an upscale one that also serves food, a themed one, or a coin Karaoke if you are trying to stay within budget.

After eating a lot and buying some things in the Korean traditional market I will take my friends to a Noraebang (노래방), also known as Korean Karaoke. Normally it is a blast! They not only have Korean songs but also a lot of international songs as well. And, if you sing really well, you may even win some extra song time.

Hotel, Cake, and Pizza

Renting a hotel room for a small party is common in Korea. You can find cheap hotels where you can watch a movie and hang out with friends in a place that isn’t too crowded. Plus, although the curfew has ended, there is a shortage of taxis. As a result, if you stay out past the time public transportation ends, chances are you won’t get a ride home. A hotel room is perfect if you don’t want to spend the night at a 24-hour cafe.

And so, to close the day with a golden key, I will reserve a hotel with my friends for a good price nearby skyroad. We can spend the rest of the night watching netflix while eating cake and pizza!!

We can also have a girl’s night and partake in some much-needed self-care. Then, we can have a sleepover. We can stay up all night catching up before drifting off to sleep.

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