Places to visit in Hyoja-dong, Seochon

Seldomly people know about Seochon, particularly Hyoja-dong, a beautiful neighbourhood located near Gyeongbokgung Palace. I’m gonna share my experience having a short trip walking around Seochon!

1. Tongin Market

Tongin Market is a traditional market offering varieties of food and drinks. The specialty of Tongin Market is indeed its brass-coin lunchbox, where you could experience buying food using brass-coin and designing your own lunchbox. To know more about Tongin Market, visit the page

2. Hyoja Bakery

Just at the one end of Tongin Market, there lies a small but great bakery called Hyoja Bakery. Hyoja Bakery is well-known of its delicious pastries. Because of that, they have been broadcasted on a lot of TV shows and even Baek Jong-won, the famous cook in Korea, complimented their pastries.

They offer a wide variety of bread and pastries. Their bestsellers are corn bread (₩ 5000) and onion cream soboro (₩ 4500). The corn bread consists of six smaller round buns, each with corn cheese fillings. I would rate both a solid 5/5 for the perfect softness of the bun and tasty fillings. I would definitely visit for the second time for the corn bread and to try other buns!

3. Dae-O Bookstore

Dae-O Bookstore has gone viral thanks to the frequent visits by some social media influencers and celebrities. It was previously an old bookstore but now reopened as an antique-vibe café. As the bookstore is not sponsored by any organization, visitors could enter for photography and sightseeing only if you buy a small souvenir pack costing ₩2500 which contains a candy, postcard, and bookmark. Or, you could buy a coffee and enjoy it in the space provided in the bookstore.     

IU had her music video (꽃갈피) filmed here and you could also see photos of RM from BTS sitting in the bookstore. The hottest photo spot is absolutely the door to the courtyard because it was where the two famous celebrities took their photos at.

If you love antique, traditional vibe, Dae-O bookstore is your thing. The bookstore preserves the old books and antique props and design, reflecting its old history since 1951. In my opinion, the existence of Dae-o Bookstore in Seochon further increases the beauty and uniqueness of this neighbourhood. 

4. Geumsang Croquette

After visiting places, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or take out some croquette here from Geumsang Croquette. Geumsang Croquette offers 7 different flavours of croquette with crispy outer skin and overflowing fillings. You must have a try, please?

5. Seochon Village

A stroll through Seochon Village is relaxing. There are many Hanok(Korean traditional houses) renovated into cafes or restaurants, some new shops, with some wonderful murals along the narrow alleys.

6. Cheongwadae Sarangchae

This is a historical museum which tells the story about beautiful places throughout Korea and the history of Cheongwadae and the presidents. If you are expecting dull exhibition, you will be astonished by their creative ways of presenting all the information and their beautiful interior designs. I was! If you want to know more about Cheongwadar Sarangchae, visit :

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea