Parks and Walks in Yeouido

There is a saying where “Walking is man’s best medicine.” Not only that walking is good for our physical health, walking helps relieve stress and enhance our mood. Today, I am going to introduce you guys three of the best parks for walk in Yeouido. 

#1 Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원)

Yeouido Hangang Park is no doubt the most popular one among all 12 parks along the Han River. It is healing to walk through the green lawn and waterways while enjoying the stunning scenery in the middle of the city. You also get the chance to enjoy busking performances by the talented youngsters on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Make sure you take a photo with the famous “I SEOUL U” sculpture, which is the symbol of Seoul.

Yeouido Hangang Park is also famous for staging various festivals and carnivals. In early April, Yeouido Hangang Park holds the Cherry Blossom Festival. Thousands of cherry blossoms tress lined along the Yeouiseo-ro, creating a beautiful cherry blossom tree tunnel. In July and August, Hangang Summer Festival is held and the outdoor swimming pools are open. Camping lovers can rent a tent and enjoy a barbecue party by the Hangang River. In October, Seoul International Fireworks Festival held by Hanwha Company takes place. The event attracts participations from many different countries annually. 

Address: 330, Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

#2 Yeouido Park (여의도공원)

I bet most of you knew about Yeouido Hangang Park but Yeouido Park is a great choice for a stroll too! 

 Situated at the heart of the city, Yeouido Park offers a forest, a lawn and an ecological pond which make a perfect place for visitors to enjoy some leisure activities. Yeouido Park is a recreational area that was once originally covered with black asphalt. The park was constructed in 1997 and then officially opened in 1999. 

The park consists of four sections: a traditional Korean forest, a grassland area, a cultural plaza as well as a natural ecological forest. You can enjoy walking, jogging, biking and even roller blading in Yeouido Park. The park is also located close to attractions such as the KBS studio and IFC Mall.

During spring, the park draws a lot of tourists as a cherry blossom hotspot. In autumn, you can enjoy pink muhly grass here!

Fun Facts: 

Yeouido Park was the site of Seoul’s first airport, Yeouido Airport during the Japanese Occupation. You can find a aircraft model of C-47, the Korean Air Force’s first transport plane here. The model was displayed by the city of Seoul in conjunction with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence.

Address: 68, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

#3 Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park (여의도샛강생태공원)  

Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park is the first ecological park created for the very first time in Korea. It is home to native plants, natural monuments and various kinds of rare floras and faunas. The park features a 6km-long-forest route from National Assembly Building to 63 Square. Visitors can enjoy different charms and views of the nature throughout the four seasons.

For the purpose of nature preserve, benches and shops were not installed in the park. Even streetlamps were not installed too for the rest and sleep of the animals and plants. The place is green and peaceful. It is a great place for taking a stroll and enjoy beautiful city views, ponds, flowers and birds-watching. 

The famous Saetgang Pedestrian bridge in addition, is also what made this park popular! Besides its unique design and architecture, the bridge offers breathtaking panorama of Yeongdeungpo skyline and Seoul center in the background.  

If you are a nature lover, I highly recommend you to visit here as part of your tour in Yeongdeungpo!  

Address: 48, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.


Hi! I am Kok Ke Ying. I'm an engineering student currently studying in Korea University. I enjoy travelling and writing. You can find me on Instagram at xuanzhen_99