Paradise City: A Paradise On Earth For Tourists In Korea

What’s your idea of perfect holidays? It might be exploring as many places as you can. Or simply choose the best spot to stay where you can be provided with luxurious accommodation. Resort holidays nowadays are becoming more admired.

All of us equally fall for the facilities of 5-star hotels and resorts and why not? Developed countries pay a special focus on tourism including beach resorts, ski resorts, and sports-related resorts. This is why Korea has established this Paradise City for its tourists and hopes to attract them more now.

Choosing the best hotel & resort is like picking one place which has all range of recreational facilities. If your destination is South Korea then integrated resort Paradise City is opening doors for you. It’s a place worth visiting in the country because of its artistic nature. The main idea is to raise Korea’s position and design a K-style destination for visitors from all around the world and it is winning pretty much.

Let us dive into this beautiful place together virtually since we are locked down at our homes for now. Nevertheless, this will give you an idea of your next vacation destination for sure.

Let’s Take a Look At The Paradise City

Incheon Paradise City is precisely 5 mins away from Incheon International airport to fascinate the visitors. It is built upon an area of 330000 square kilometers, which is undoubtedly a vast space to explore.

The place came into existence with a joint effort of the Korean tourism group and Japanese Entertainment Company Sega Sammy Holdings. The entire resort is in two phases and both are quite unique.

You’d be surprised to visit because the first phase includes the gaming and meeting space with the aim to add value. The second phase brings more charm to it, facilitating the options of boutique hotels, shopping plaza, spa, and other expanded areas of entertainment. Paradise City is called an art-tainment for this reason and it is not wrong to say it.

The name itself describes the amazing experience the visitors are going to have. However, it is a combination of excellent services and enjoyable opportunities.

To understand Korean art better, you must try learning the language a bit. We understand it seems like a difficult thing to do. But in reality, it is not. if you have the right tools.

Why Paradise City Is A Must Visit Place?

The very first thing about Paradise City, which gives you royal feelings, is its outstanding exterior. Since Korea is at its best in promoting art and crafts. A few steps past the lobby would present you with well-designed sculptures and art pieces.

It includes a golden horse, great gigantic pumpkin, and pair of deer created by well-known artists. Each of these sights mesmerizes the visitors with cultural feels and soulful experiences.

Gaming Zone At Paradise City

This place offers the Vip gaming area, which represents the world’s fashion capital with a touch of Roman architecture. Besides, it presents you with the unique experience of the casino with professional game management. It has the space to host 1200 people at a time and 281 slot machines so as many people can enjoy it.

VIP guests can get access to high limit zone gaming machines since they are paid.

Chroma Night Club

 A night place for the visitors of paradise club where they can enjoy clubbing and music. Not to mention a well-structured area of the resort. This is the spot to relax at the end of the day with several beverages and drinks.

We hope you are loving these pictures and details of the place.

Wonder Box: The Beauty of Paradise City

It refers to the great family amusement park over there with enjoyable rides and festivals taking themed attraction to the next level. It brings entertainment for the visitor, which conjures the magic.

Paradise City is the sum-up of all the outdoor and indoor activities and fun which you would love to explore.

The other facilities include family lounges and ballrooms for meeting purposes. Swimming pools, fitness centers, and the structure of rooms are well thought out. Rooms are categorized into Royal, deluxe, junior, and duplex suites, which are sophisticatedly well decorated.

How To Get To Paradise City

It is hardly four stops away from the Incheon International airport. You can travel there via either shuttle bus service or Incheon airport maglev line from the airport.

For other details, you can inquire at 032-729-3121~3124 or visit their site

We hope you will enjoy your trip and won’t regret your decision. Have a safe journey meanwhile we are bringing other amazing reads for you.