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Paik’s Coffee: An Inexpensive Coffee Chain

If you are fan of cafés you might have already heard about this inexpensive coffee chain, Paik’s coffee. Which it is not only low priced. But also has some of the most delicious drinks. With this in mind, we highly suggest you to go!

And the main reason to why we recommend it, it is because the size of the drinks is big. For the price that you pay for. With this we mean that while in some other coffee shops you pay a large amount of money for just one coffee. Here, with that same amount you could even buy more than one.

Due to this, it is worthy. Especially if you are a broke student that just want to drink something refreshing without having to spend much.

Now, we will introduce you this inexpensive coffee chain, Paik’s Coffee!

Time to refresh!

The chain started back in 2006, under the name of ‘Wonjobucks Coffee’ (원조벅스). It was till 2015 when the name was changed into ‘Paik’s Coffee’.

That is when they started to get popular! And no wonder why. Since the coffee was not only cheap, but also big sized!

Now, you can find this coffee shop in almost all cities ㅡ if not in all ㅡ. Because of this, we recommend you to go! You might have one nearby without knowing.


You can find different type of drinks. Such as coffee, tea, smoothies, and more!

And they have some desserts as well. So you can eat while you drink your delicious beverage.

To read the whole menu, you can click here.



The thing I like the most of this café, is that it is small. Because of this, it is cozy and does not get full of people.

Most of people that go, just buy drinks for take out.

What I find funny, is that they leave the syrup there. In case that you want to add more to your drink. But now, because of COVID, people tend to mistake it for hand sanitizer. That was my case, at least.

To the one I went, there are only three tables. For four people each.

The lighting is good. Plus in summer, they have ac. While in winter, they turn on the heater.

I love that they have some decorations in the wall. And they even have a frame that shows their history!


Green Tea (녹차 빽스치노)

You cannot go wrong with green tea! Since it is in fact one of the most delicious flavors. However, there are some places where they put a lot of sugar. Which makes it loose its taste. This, was not the case of this café.

The level of sweetness that it had, was perfect. Plus the texture was nice. To the extend that you want to leave it a bit in your mouth first.

At first I thought it had cream. But no. It was in fact ice cream. And that made it better, for sure!

It is important to mention that the size of the drink was big. Which is surprising due to the price of it. It is cheap and big. What else can you ask for?

Grapefruit Tea (녹차 빽스치노)

The flavor was too strong! To the extend that I did not know if it was a mistake. Or if it is like that. But after talking with a friend, she told me that this café is known for using these type of strong flavors.

After a while, I got used to it. And that is when I started to find it refreshing. Since the taste was on point. Plus the ice melted. Due to that, it became mild and easy to drink.

Ice Cream

Corn Ice Cream (옥수크림)

Even though for a lot of foreigners this might seem weird, it is in fact good!

In my country ㅡ Mexico ㅡ we also have ice cream like this one. However, they rarely put the corn inside just like they do it here.

For this reason, I thought it was a little weird when I started to eat it. But then got surprised to find out that it in fact gives a good texture. It is indeed satisfying to munch the corn. In addition to the corn flakes.

As for the ice cream, it was soft. And the level of sweetness was on point.


Paik’s Coffee is a coffee chain, so you can find this place in most cities. But the one we had reviewed, is located in Nonsan.

Address: Chungcheongnam-do, Nonsan-si, Banwol-dong, 89-2번지 글로벌알디빌딩 1층 108호

How to get there:
If you live in Nonsan, you might already know this café. Since it is in front of Nonsan Market. If not, let us tell you how to get there!

From the entrance of Nonsan Market ㅡ where the Paris Baguette is ㅡ, you need to cross the street. Then, you must walk straight. And you will find it before arriving to Daiso.


This is indeed the best coffee shop to go if you are in a budget! We assure you that.

In case you had already gone, what it is your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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