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Outdoor Shopping Places in Seoul That You Should Visit

Shopping in Seoul is one of the most exciting and self-rewarding things to do when you visit Korea’s capital city. You can shop for all sorts of stuff from clothes to cosmetics, Kpop goods, souvenirs, and many more. If you want a unique shopping experiece outside the walls of shopping malls in Seoul, here is a list of outdoor shopping places that you should visit.


First on this list is Myeongdong. This shopping area is famous among tourists especially the Hallyu fans. You can check a list of of best things to buy in Myeongdong for Kpop and Kdrama Fans here. Also, there you can find various shops selling cosmetic products which makes it the favorite place of tourists who like K-Beauty products. Aside from shopping, you can also have a taste of different Korean street foods in Myeongdong. Visitng this shopping street will definitely help you relieve your stress.


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Another outdoor shopping place that must visit in Seoul is Hongdae. There are numerous shops in Hongdae that sell variety of items from clothes, to accessories, shoes, glasses, cosmetics and many more. Aside from shopping, you can also visit various aesthetic coffee shops and art galleries, as well as watch bucking performances. Read more about the other fun things that you can do at Hongdae here.

Common Ground

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Furthermore, you also shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting the world’s first and largest container shopping mall – the Common Ground. It is Korea’s first cultural and shopping space that is made from 200 shipping containers. Know more about it here.

Under Stand Avenue

Under Stand Avenue is another shopping place in Seoul that has the same “cargo container shopping space” concept as Common Ground. This shopping and cultural space in Seongsu-dong houses several start-up businesses’ stores. Learn more about if here.

Seongsu Handmade Shoe Street

Another shopping street that is close to Under Stand Avenue in the neighborhood of Seongsu-dong is the Seongsu Handmade Shoe Street. It is the largest domestic handmade shoe production area in Korea. This street is where 70% of the domestic handmade manufacturers are located. It is filled with studios where you can buy ready-made shoes and even make your own unique handmade shoes. The shoes on sale are cheaper because they are directly sold from the manufacturer. Learn more about it here.

Dongdaemun Toy and Stationery Street

If you like buying or collecting toys and stationery supplies, then you must visit Dongdaemun Toy and Stationery Street. This shopping area is also known as Changsin-dong Toy Wholesale Market. It is Kore’as largest market with over over 100 stores in its street that sell cheap yet good quality toys and stationery supplies. Read more about it here.

Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center

Talking about shopping places in Seoul wouldn’t be complete without mentioning about the GOTO Mall or the Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Mall. As its name suggests, this shopping center is located underground, specifically at Express Bus Terminal Subway Station. Though it is not in an open space just like the previous areas on this list but GOTO Mall is not confide in the walls of large shopping malls in the city. There you can find tons of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and a lot of items to add in your wardrobe. The price of the goods here are also cheaper compare to large shopping malls in the city. Know more about it here.

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