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Onion Cafe ㅡ A Must-Visit Cafe in Seoul

If it is part of your itinerary to visit cafes in Seoul, then ㅡ Onion Cafe ㅡis a must-visit for you!

Visiting cafes has become a must-do activity when traveling to Seoul. This is because most of them, are pretty instagrammable due to their design. With this in mind, we want to introduce you to one of the most popular cafes.

A Traditional Cafe

Onion Cafe, it is a pretty famous Hanok-Style Cafe located in Anguk, Seoul. Just by visiting directly yourself, you will find out that is for sure one of the most well-known cafe out there. Because there is no day that there are not visitors there, it is usually full of people.

Despite of this, you can still enjoy a relaxing moment in this aesthetic place, and feel just like in a korean drama due to its traditional design.

As expected, you must remove your shoes in order to enter the place. There, you will have the full hanok experience, since you will have to seat in the floor just as it is in korean culture.

It has become an attraction for most of the cafe-fans living in Seoul. Due to this, it has now three outlets in Seoul ㅡ Cafe Onion Anguk, Cafe Onion Seongsu and Cafe Onion Mia.

It is worth to mention that they even have an online shop, you can check it out by clicking here.

What to Order?

They sell different type of pastries and beverages. But its highlight, is the coffee and signature pastries they sell.

What I recommend you the most to try, is their delicious Injeolmi Pandoro, which is their speciality pastry.

The Injeolmi Pandoro is a castella cake in the shape of a mountain, which is covered by powdered sugar. Therefore, its seems like snowy mountain.

I also recommend the Strawberry Flower bread, which is filled with strawberry cream inside. The sweet taste and coldness from the cream, made it addictive.

As for beverages, I did not try the coffee, but ordered two of their ades. The grapefruit ade was simply my favorite! Its taste is sour and sweet, and it feels refreshing when you are drinking it. It is the type of drink that once you finish, you would like to order more by how good was it.

The rose ade was also a pretty good choice. Its taste did not surprise me as much as the grapefruit ade (in my subjective opinion), but it was also delicious. I highly recommend you to try both!

It is worth to mention, that the prices start from ₩4000.

online store

In their website, they also sell coffee grains. So you can prepare your own coffee in the comfort of your home.

Online, you can also find goods. They sell merchandise with their logo, such as hoodies, coffee cups and bags. So if you became a fan of their delicious bread and coffee, do not miss the chance to order something from their store!


Address: Seoul, Jongno-gu, Gye-dong, 계동길 5

How to get there: It is pretty easy to find. From Anguk Station, you must get out at exit 3. And then, you must walk straight till the first turn. There, you need to turn to your left and walk straight. You will eventually find it.


ㅡ Onion Cafe ㅡ is definitely a must-visit cafe for coffee lovers, therefore, if you are in Seoul do not miss the chance to go! You will be able to delight your palate with their delicious pastries and beverages.

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