One Day In Incheon

Want to escape from Seoul one day ? Are you ready to discover lots of different landscape in only day ? Then jump into the line 1 of Seoul Subway and head to its last stop : Incheon Station and go to exit 1 !

1. Start With Incheon Famous Chinatown

Once you arrive at Incheon Station and get out of the station you might see just in front of you Incheon Chinatown ! Just get through the door “Paeru” designing the entrance of this district open since 1883 as the Incheon Port opens its door to Chinese immigrants to come work. Nowadays there is over 50 000 Chinese residents in the area.

Go around to check some of the shops, small museums and old houses of this neighborhood. You can put on your list : Wiseondang (chinese temple),  Samgukji Mural Street, and the famous Jajangmyeon museum. Once you feel like you’ve seen enough of this area, it’s time to get food ! The main dish that you should try there is Jajangmyeon but there is many options to choose from as you can also go for some street food, jjampong or dumplings.


Gong Hwa Chun, 43 Chinatown-ro Jung-gu, Incheon

2. Visit Songwoldong Fairyland, Incheon Mural Village

On a walking distance from chinatown, go to Songwol Dong Fairyland. This mural village has been recently made to renovate the neighborhood and create more attraction. The name give you the hint of the mural you will find… Fairy Tales ! It’s the perfect ballad to do with kids or on a date.

If you have some time, the place is filled with adorable cafe. Choose your favorite one to enjoy a nice drink before going on your day.

3. Get Fresh Air at the Park

Here you have two options or if you are full of energy you can do both !

First option is just behind the fairy tale village, it’s Jayu Park or Freedom Park. This park offers a fantastic view of downtown Incheon but also of its surroundings (port, mountains and sea). You should not miss on the General MacArthur Statue.

Second Option, you will have to grab a bus or a taxi to get to Wolmi Park. This Park was previously used but the Korean Military but after realizing the potential of its nature, they made it a park for everyone to enjoy. In this park, there is two main attraction to see : The Traditional Garden and The Observatory. The Observatory is free of charge and give spectacular view of Incheon Port and Airport.

4. Time For Amusement On Wolmido Island

If you come all the way to Incheon, you must get a glance at the sea ! So with a bus from Jayu Park or by foot from Wolmi Park, head to Wolmido Island seaside. There you will find lots of restaurants, cafes and attractions. Everything to spend one of the best evening in Korea. Because you are in front of the sea, it is recommended to grab some seafood there. You can to finish your day, enjoy Wolmido Amusement Park and jump into one of the Viking attraction.

What do you think of this day itinerary in Incheon ? Will you add more attraction ? If you do it please tell us what was your favorite part !

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🇫🇷 Lucille Menna

, a young french girl who fell in love with Korea back in 2016. I am now living the dream of being an expat in the exciting city Seoul.