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One Day Around Anguk Station

When you first come to Korea and especially to Seoul, it is sometimes hard to planify what to do in a day. Today, I will share with you the perfect plan to try many different activities in one day in Seoul without talking any transportation. It’s the perfect plan to hang around with your family, friends or to go on a long date with your love partner. Your first mission is to get to Anguk Station from wherever you are around Seoul and go to exit number 2. Your day will start there !

1. Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

Hanok, in hangeul 한옥, are traditional korean houses first designed during Joseon dynasty (around 14th Century). If you want to discover this typical korean architecture then the most recommended place is Bukchon Hanok Village.

Once you arrive, at Anguk Station, exit 2, just go straight! Along the way you might find some tourist information center or guide that will hand you a map of the area. Wander around to find old houses that are still alive in Seoul ! Yes, by alive, it means there is still residents living in the neighborhood and that’s why you should keep quiet while walking around.

During the ballad, stay curious because at some point if you turn around you can observe the city from the top. Also there is many shops and small cafe if you need a break along the way.

BONUS TIPS : There is many shops around Anguk station where you can rent a hanbok, in hangeul 한복, traditional korean clothes from the Joseon Dynasty. Get some nice picture of you wearing Hanbok in front of your favorite Hanok House !

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2. Stop For Lunch In Insadong Small Streets

Free Korean Food Side Dish

Once you are done to visit Bukchon Hanok Village, you might start to get hungry. Go back around Anguk Station exit 6 and find your way to Insadong. It’s a long street full of surprises. I recommend you to directly get on the small street on your left and get into the first traditional korean restaurant that inspire you.

Here is the best place to try korean special dishes like bibimbap, kimchi jjigae, mandu etc. Some places are well-known so you might have to queue with koreans to get the precious food.

One of the most famous place is a Michelin Guide 2020 address, it’s called Gaeseong Mandu Koong. As the name indicates this restaurant is specialised in mandu, korean traditional dumpling.

3. Explore Insadong Mall, Ssamziegil


Once your belly is full of korean delicacies, you can head to Ssamziegil. It’s a cute mall in the middle of Insadong. Get a “poop” shape waffle dessert downstairs and start to go around. What is special about this mall is that most of the shops are owned by local artist and creator. It’s one of the best place to bring back unique korean souvenirs to your friends and family.

At the top of the mall you will find the “Ddong” Cafe or literally “Poop cafe”, one of the most famous korean cafe ! I recommend their caramel macchiato !

4. Get Inspired By The Art Gallery On Your Way

Insadong Street

If you are still not tired then go back on Insadong street and check the gallery art around. Insadong is a well known place to discover various korean artist. As you go down the street you can find many art gallery with different style.

5. Wander Around Ikseon Dong For Nice Coffee Shop

Ikseon Dong

Before going back home, turn left, go deep and try to find Ikseon Dong. It is a newly popular area around Seoul, in Jongno district. Here you will again wander around hanok houses but the difference is that this is the place to be to find the cutest coffee shop !

There is so many good address and so many different coffee shop style, that I can only advise you to search online before to find the one you prefer. You can also just walk around and find it on the spot.

Be careful, this place is really trendy nowadays among koreans, so you might have to queue to get inside the most beautiful cafe but it’s the best way to experience korean lifestyle.

End of the day…

If you want to stay around there for dinner you can either go back to Insadong street or at night time around Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station some street food stand will open. You can get some snack before jumping on a subway.

Please let us know in the comment if this “day” plan is helpful to you and if you want some more !

🇫🇷 Lucille Menna

, a young french girl who fell in love with Korea back in 2016. I am now living the dream of being an expat in the exciting city Seoul.