Oily Skin Type: Korean Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is coming! For those like me, who have oily skin, summer is the worst time of year. We look greasy and it is a challenge to keep makeup on our faces. But, the good news is that with a good skincare routine, you can minimize some of the negatives that come with having oily skin in summer. Let’s enjoy this summer with petty and healthy skin!

Cleanse your face twice a day

Removing impurities from the face in the morning and before bed is recommended for any skin type. But, if you have particularly oily skin, this is a must!

However, some people can overdo it. Don’t wash your face more than twice a day thinking that you will just wash away your extra oils. To the surprise of many people, over-cleansing brings more harm than good to the face! The reason is a rebound effect that can happen. The sebaceous glands will begin to produce more oil if the skin is too dry from overwashing. Therefore, the tip is to stick to the two daily cleanings! You can use specific cleansers made for oily skin, such as those with salicylic acid.


In Korean skincare routines, people normally do double-cleansing. They use cleansing oil to remove makeup, and a foam or cleansing gel to remove residue and oil from the previous product.

It’s ideal if you normally wear heavy makeup, as the double cleaning can cleanse the pores more deeply. However, I personally don’t like to use cleansing oil on a daily basis, because I find it too heavy for my skin type, which is already oily. For daily washes, I use a good foam or cleanser compatible with my skin type. There are several options for Korean products of excellent quality at an affordable price. But it’s important to say that I normally don’t wear heavy makeup.

If you have oily skin, I recommend avoiding heavy makeup in the summer so that a double-cleansing routine is not needed.

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Opt for an Oil-free Moisturizer and Sunscreen

In addition to being careful with cleaning your face, another tip that makes all the difference is to avoid oily products. Moisturizing cream is one of them!

Those with oily skin should not avoid hydrating products. But, they need to bet on oil-free moisturizing products. Luckily, there are plenty on the market. The same goes for sunscreen. To protect your skin from ultraviolet rays without worry, the secret is to use a filter of at least SPF 30 that helps control sebum production. Or, at least, is oil-free and has a matte finish.

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Oil Blotting Papers

Even with these steps, the skin ends up with excessive shine. Especially, on the hottest days, it may not be enough. But, as mentioned above, you shouldn’t just wash it off, so the question remains: what to do?

The solution is simple: just count on the help of oil blotting papers to leave the skin dry instantly. As the name implies, they are paper tissues that help to absorb excess oil from the face. And, they can even be used with makeup, as they do not remove the products. They only guarantee a drier touch throughout the day. You can find these wipes everywhere in Korea: at Olive Young, Daiso, and even convenience stores, and normally they are very affordable.

Exfoliation Once a Week

In addition to being an important ally in anti-aging treatment, exfoliation also has specific advantages for those with oily skin. By promoting deep cleansing and unclogging pores, the technique helps control oil and reduce the chances of acne – a common consequence for many people who deal with excess sebum.

To do the treatment without suffering from the rebound effect, the tip is to observe how much oil your skin is producing. If it is moderate, weekly exfoliation is sufficient. Now, if oil production is very intense, then you might want to increase it to twice a week.

Use a Green Clay Mask

Did you know that green clay can be great for oily skin? With astringent, toning, and drying action, green clay helps to remove excess oil and dry out blackheads and pimples. Therefore, to intensify the treatment, it is worth adding a face mask based on green clay to complete your skincare routine and leave your skin feeling fresh. Plus, if you have some issues with extra redness in the summer, this could help balance out the tone of your skin a little bit.


In Korea, there are a multitude of products that can help you control the oiliness of your skin. Most of them are cheap and of great quality. Before buying, it is always important to read the composition of the product and choose ingredients that you know suit your skin best.

Avoid very dense creams, those that promise intense hydration, and formulas with multiple oils. Instead, reach for products with salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and oil-free formulas. Skin health depends a lot on your genetics and lifestyle, but if you follow these tips, your oily skin will be much healthier this summer.

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