Oido Observatory Cafe + Seonsa Yoojok Park

The cafes in Oido offers two types of scenes: sea view and city bird-eye view. While the former can be found abundantly near the Oido Sea like Donkey Cafe, C project and more, the latter one is placed 10 minutes walk away from the sea. It is called the Oido Observatory Cafe (오이도전망대카페) and is interconnected to a Buddhist Remains Park, Seonsa Yoojok Park(오이도선사유적공원) in Korean.

Oido Observatory Cafe (오이도전망대카페)

In order to get to the observatory cafe, you have to climb up a very long stairs before you can see their door. As the cafe is interconnected to the park, it can also be reached from the backside of the cafe through another path.

The cafe has a quite spacious indoor dining region with average coffee prices.

Other than that, as the cafe building is in circular shape and built with a large cutout at the center, they also offer a circular space for those who enjoy outdoor dining space. Moreover, there is a wooden patio with stairs which lead you up to the rooftop of the cafe with nice lounge chairs and swings. You could also get to the rooftop using the sloping path near the backdoor. The rooftop was exactly the reason that we were there! You could enjoy bird-eye view of the Oido city harmonizing with the sea from the top while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Seonsa Yoojok Park(오이도선사유적공원)

After satisfying our eyes with beautiful view, we walked up some steps to the park interconnected with the observatory cafe. The park was quite big, with many guide boards which point the direction to each part of the park. It was quite dark when we walked along the park.

They have a square with benches arranged in a semicircular way surrounding the center. which, I suppose, looks like a place where performances are held.

Here is the famous place with unique triangular huts made up of straws(?).

unique huts in Soensa Park

Also there are some sculptures featuring human activities in ancient times.

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To my surprise, there is a exhibition hall with free admission lying at the center of the park. The architecture is unique. It looks like a stone-made wall with a door directing you to the underground world of ancient times.

The walking paths are beautiful, planted with flowers.

I think there are much more interesting sceneries in the park.

See more information in their website:

Overall, we are satisfied with the observatory cafe and the park. If you happen to go there, do also pay a visit to Oido to enjoy their famous cheese grilled clams and have a walk near the Oido Sea!

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea