Night at Seongseong Lake Park in Cheonan

Most people in Korea seem lazy to get out of the room in the afternoon in the summer. Summer temperatures in Korea are like tropical countries. But unfortunately, Korea is insanely humid because there is not much wind. Compared to the daytime, the time right before sunset is the ideal time to venture outside. And, no place is better for a midnight Seoul than Seongseong Lake Park in Cheonan!

Night Walking and Jogging at Seongseong Lake Park

No matter the season it is important to stay active. No need for strenuous exercise by going to the gym, just find an open space or the nearest park around your house. For me, that place is Seongseong Lake Park. This open space has a large lake and bridges spanning all corners. This park is called is in Cheonan City.

The park is great for exercising, as you can wander back and forth along the bridges. The best time to come here is at night, because the lake is full of bright lights at night. I feel the view is so beautiful! Moreover, on the middle bridge, you can enjoy some pictures of Korean flowers reflected on the bridge floor, which are emitted through a projector.

About Seongseong Lake Park 

Seongseong Lake Park is an ecological area in Cheonan City. Before becoming Seongseong Lake Park, this place used to be The Eopseong Reservoir. It supplied agricultural water to the Seongseong, Eopseong-dong, and Jiksan areas. It served as a habitat for animals and plants. However, water pollution accelerated due to urbanization and industrialization. As a result, many of the species there struggled to survive.

Since 2018, the city has invested in improving water quality, restoring water ecosystems, and creating ecological rest areas for tourism and leisure functions. So, the name changed to The Seongseong Lake Park. It was created by combining the ‘seong’ from ‘Upseong-dong’ (업성동) and ‘seong’ from ‘Seongseong-dong’ (성성동) to become Seongseong Lake Park, because the lake spans both districts.

It is now a leisure area that maximizes restoring the environment.

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My Impression and Tips

I was amazed by the area of the lake and the bridge that spans the entire lake. Plus, the night view filled with lights gives another color to this bridge. I went there around 7-9 pm and many families came for jogging. Some also brought their pets!

In addition, the lake is surrounded by restaurants and cafes. You may find your favorite place to relax and enjoy nature.

Seongseong Lake Park (성성호수공원)

Address: 39-3 Seongseong-dong, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Korean Address: 충남 천안시 서북구 성성2길 66

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