Namo Namo: A Five Floor Cafe in Jeju

South Korea is famous for its cafe culture. Because of this, you will find tons of coffee shops. A lot of them with interesting themes, great interior design and good concept. But what beats a cafe that is just in front of the sea? Probably nothing! And Namo Namo is a five floor cafe in Jeju with a splendid view of it.

Plus it is near the airport and a tourist spot. Which makes it a place that you can easily reach!

Now get ready to know more about this must visit cafe!

An instagrammable cafe

From outside to inside, this is a instagrammable cafe! Since it is just in front of one of the most famous tourist spots of Jeju. Which is the rainbow road. Where lots of people come every day to take the perfect shot. And it is near the airport.

Taking advantage of that, they also have their own photo zone. So you can capture both places at the same time.

Soon, we will show you how it looks on the inside!


They sell vast of drinks. And of course, bread and cake. Since it is more like a bakery. You can even find pizza in this place. Although it is small.

As for the prices, it is not that cheap. But it is understandable. Since the place looks quite fancy. And more than selling you the food, they are selling you the experience. Of enjoying a calm day in front of the sea.



First Floor

When I entered this place I felt surprised. I did not expected it to be this fancy. More than a cafe, it looks like a luxury hotel. Definitely one of the most expensive looking cafes I have ever been.

Here, there is a counter where you can eat. Probably not the best idea if you have sweet tooth. As the bakery is just in front. So you will feel like standing up each minute to take a new bread.

Needless to say, you need to order here. And they will give you a bell that rings once your coffee is ready.

They have trays so you can take as much pastries as you want.

There is also a refrigerator from where you can take cake.

You might see workers in that counter. But that does not mean that you need to ask them to serve you. You can just open it by yourself.

As expected, this place is so big that they even have an elevator. Since Namo Namo is a five floor cafe in Jeju. Although it is not possible to take it if you are carrying food. You might need to take the stairs instead.

In every floor and in front of the elevator, they have a self serve table. Where you can take some water, forks, knife, syrup, etc. There, you can also throw your trash.

Second floor

From what I saw, it seems that the second floor is the place that most people choose to eat in. And no wonder why. It looks so fancy with the gold decorations and chandeliers. Plus it has the best view of the sea. Specially for when it is winter. As you can have a nice view without having to go to the terrace.

The chairs were really comfortable. To the extend that I kinda started to feel sleepy. And I loved the color combination.

Third floor

What I liked the most about the third floor is that it felt more private. As the space is more narrow and it is divided. At the back, there is just a few seats. So as at the front of the elevator.

But the highlight was indeed the terrace! I did not expected it to be on the third floor. As I thought it was going to be on the top.

This place is perfect when the weather is warm. As you can refresh yourself with the breeze of the sea. While having a great view of it.

I love that there were lawn chairs. As they make you realize that you are in the beach.

Fourth floor

The decorations of this floor are really chic! Seems to be the ideal place to come with your friends and chat. I also noticed, that a lot of people had their laptops. Since there are many outlets in this area.

Fifth floor

Here, you cannot eat. Since it is more like a photo zone.

They have some art on the walls and a chair in front. So you can take a picture.

There is a terrace as well. Which is indeed the most iconic zone to take a photo from that cafe.


The first thing that I tried was the sweet pumpkin tart. And let me tell you it was in fact delicious! I loved that they put the fresh fruit on top.

Plus the sweetness of it was perfect. Not to mention that the texture was surely the best. It was soft at the middle but crunchy below.

I would not miss the chance to try the famous croffle. If you tend to go to cafes a lot, you might already realize that it is trending right now. You can in fact find it anywhere. As it is a popular dessert nowadays. But I must say that in this cafe they nailed it! The texture was indeed satisfying. And the taste makes your mouth water, for sure.


This place is located in Jeju Island.

Address: 1732-9 Doduil-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

How to get there:
From Jeju Airport, you can take bus no. 316, 325, 326, 344, 365, 370, 465 or 3001. And wait for 7 stops. Then you will need to get off at the bus stop called ‘서문시장’. There, you must cross the street to take bus no. 444 or 447. And wait for 14 stops. You will need to get off at the bus stop named ‘해안로’. There, you must cross the street to find it.

There is also a direct bus from the airport. Which is bus no. 453. That one goes straight to ‘해안로’. You will only need to wait for 17 stops with no transfer.

Schedule: Every day 07:00 ~ 24:00


Namo Namo is a five floor cafe in Jeju that you must visit in your trip. Since they have a great view of the sea. And the most delicious breads and coffee as well. Indeed making it the perfect place to have a relaxing day.

In addition, it is in front of a popular tourist spot. Which is the rainbow road. Where in fact, a lot of people come to take pictures.

If you have already gone, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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