Nami Island In Fall- The Magical Realms Of Autumn Foilage

If you’re on the search for a picture-perfect destination during the Autumn time, then heading to Nami Island in Fall will never disappoint.

Yes, it’s all about striking autumn hues that arrive from the start of October. And if you’re as excited as us, you’d fall in love with the views on first glance.

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As striking Autumn leaves go on painting the trees, visitors can explore the captivating Nami Island. But where exactly is it located?

Well, as you lay your eyes cross the famous Han River, you might see a rather unusual geographical location. Moreover, you can witness it as a half-mood representation of an island, cascading seamlessly in the middle.

And it’s safe to say, Nami Island in Fall is one of the most popular destinations. It truly tops the bucket list for both locals as well as adventurous tourists.


How do I get there?

It’s a journey of pure bliss when traveling to Nami Island in Fall. Therefore, the exciting trip begins at the Gapyeong Wharf. Here’s where you’ll need to travel across the riverbanks.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

In total, you can arrive at your destination via two means. They include the following:


For those less adventurous and water-loving souls, a ferry ride to your location is probably the best choice. And the best bit being, it runs after every 30 minutes in the mornings. And from 9 am onwards, it runs after every 10 minutes- how convenient and cool is that?


Another popular way of gaining entry aboard the island is zip-lining. Opening up its windows by 9 am, you’ll truly love this thrilling experience by miles.

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Entry visa:

As you make your way towards the island, you’ll also need an entry visa too. For those wondering why, well this destination is officially separate from Korea. And it’s renowned as the Naminara Republic for a number of years now.

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The entry visa costs around 13,000 won, which includes the roundtrip ferry ride too. For those opting for the adventurous zipline transport, you’ll need to pay around 44,000 won.

Nami Island In Fall- breathtaking scenes at a glance

The biggest advantage of visiting Nami Island or Namiseom during the Autumn season is the picturesque landscape. Yes, we agree that the destination has a true calling all year round, but there’s something miraculous about Fall.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Meanwhile, as you serenade through the land, you’ll find leaves that are golden to sheer perfection. They not only manage to spread their way across the entire island. they’re such a serene calmness about the ordeal.

Moreover, don’t be surprised to find the land filled with awe inspiring scenery. It’s almost as if the trees spread out for days. Most importantly, if you’re a fan for photography, this is the ultimate place to be.

Experience the bounties of nature at its finest

Nature is one of the biggest blessings of the world. Undoubtedly, this destination is one such prime example where you’ll never get tired of the offerings.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Think along the lines of stellar landscape views, present throughout the year. But as mentioned previously, Nami Island in fall is worlds apart from other seasons.

The entire island is generously scattered with an exciting range of trees on offer. This includes Korean Pine trees, stellar Maple trees, and lush Metasequoia trees. All in all, they serve as alluring backdrops for heartwarming photography.

As you walk alongside the gorgeous riverbanks, don’t be surprised to see families enjoying games, picnics, and truly beautiful moments together. That’s just how magical this serene destination is for the senses.

Nami Island in Fall- renowned location for Korean drama filmings

The Korean entertainment industry is one of the most popular platforms to showcase award-winning shows around the globe. And with plenty of local and international fans under its wings, there’s no surprise that filming destinations are given due importance.

And in case you haven’t guessed by now, Nami Island in fall stands tall and proud as a popular venue. The giant 460,00 square meter location spans for miles, and still, you’ll never get tired of its magnificence.

In particular keep an eye out for the open grassy lands, scenic mountain views, and riverside walks. Above all, watch in splendid amazement as leaves transform from green and red hues to orange, gold, and striking rust bliss.

Popular attractions on the island

By now, we’re sure you’re aware of the island’s blessings, in terms of luscious beauty. But as a tourist, there are some popular attractions that will surely be worth your while. Happy exploring!

Gingko tree lane

It’s rows and lanes of splendid Gingko trees, spread out sparsely on trekking tracks. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised to get lost in absolute awe and bewilderment. And that’s because of the striking yellowish and green hues that their leaves provide.

Nami autumn maple garden

Nothing screams autumn time better than maple trees with their vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves.

Riverside path

Take a stroll of a lifetime as you embrace nature’s calmness and tranquilty.

Hut bridge

As you look on over the Han River, you can see this glorious bridge. And as you step alongside this track, it’s heartwarming to take in the cool natural sea breeze.

Nami Island waterfall

If dreamy destinations had a name, this place would win hands down. There’s even a fascinating waterfall that serves as the epitome of tourist photography.

If you’re on the lookout for a break from Seoul’s hustle and bustle, this place is your go-to destination for days. It’s remarkable facades and soothing vibes will reinvigorate your senses in more ways than one.

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