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Naksan Park

Are you looking for a place that is perfect for a light walk after having a heavy dinner/lunch? Or searching for a perfect spot that offering a great view of Seoul from the top? Naksan Park would be a good choice for you! Located in Jongno-gu, this park is famous for the beauty of Hanyang City and the scenery of downtown Seoul.

Naksan in Korea History

During Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, Naksan, which is 124 meters high, was designated a guardian mountain of the city along with Bugaksan, Namsan, and Inwangsan. The city wall along Naksan Mountain, which is also known as Hanyang Doseong, is divided by Dongdaemun Gate, Hyehwamun Gate and Daehak-ro. The Joseon royal family members would visit here to enjoy the natural beauty of the granite mountain.

However, most parts of the mountain are destroyed during the Japanese Colonial Period. In 2002, the Korean government rebuilt the Naksan Park as an effort to preserve the remaining green areas.

My Experience with Naksan Park

The scenery was great. Located in the center of the Seoul, Naksan Park offers an amazing bird eye view of the entire city.

Unfortunately, the weather was really cloudy when I went there.

It is a great place to observe Namsan Seoul Tower far from the Naksan Park.

There are also a few squares for rest and observations.

I like the Seoul City wall the most. The city wall gives out cultural and history vibes to the stunning view. The Seoul City Wall is about 7m to 8m high in average. You can see the scenrary from the square holes on the wall.

After the sunset, the wall is illuminated with hundreds of lights. The view is really stunning. It is relaxing to take a slow walk along the Seoul City wall and enjoy the beauty of city lights of Seoul here.

Overall, I would say Naksan Park is a really good getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can get amazing view of downtown Seoul. The park is not crowded at all. Most of the visitors are the locals.

In addition, the place is very quick and easy to reach. If you are too lazy to hike all the way up, you can take a bus to the top of Naksan Park.

Also, the path is quite sloppy. I would strongly advise ladies not to wear high heels. You will end up having difficulties to walk.

Naksan Park as a Popular K-drama Shooting Location

Naksan Park is one of the famous filming locations for Korean drama due to its breathtaking scenary.

Radio Romance (KBS2, 2018) is the first Korean drama that introduced me to the Naksan Park. Naksan Park is featured in the Episode 9 of Radio Romance where Park Soo Ho (played by Yoon Doo Joon) talks about his family background and Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) hugs Park Soo Ho when he cried.

Radio Romance 라디오 로맨스 (KBS2, 2018)

Naksan Park is also a shooting site for Korean drama Dae Jang Geum Is Watching (MBC, 2018-2019). In Episode 16, Han San Hae (played by Shin Dong Wook) proposes to Bok Seung-ah (Kwon Yuri) here.

Dae Jang Geum Is Watching 대장금이 보고있다 (MBC, 2018-2019)

In episode 65 of a recent drama, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (KBS2, 2019-2020), Kim Cheong Ah (Seol In Ah) appreciates the view she’s seeing from the top and told Gu Jun Hwi (Kim Jae Young) that he will remain a good memory to her.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (KBS2, 2019-2020)

How to get there?

Bt Subway

  • Walk out from Hyehwa Station (Subway Line 4, Exit 2). It is 10 minutes walking distance from the station.
  • Walk out from Dongdaemun Station (Subway Line 4, Exit 1). It is 21 minutes walking distance from the station.
  • Walk out from Changsin Station (Subway Line 6, Exit 2). It is 23 minutes walking distance from the station.

By bus

You can also take Jongno03 to Naksan Park stop. The bus will take you all the way to the top of the hill.

Address : 54 Naksan-gil, Ihwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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