N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower : Landmark of Seoul

N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower, has not only become a must-visit attraction for foreign visitors but also a must-go date course of young couples in Korea. Previously, it was built to serve as a broadcasting tower but now it is known as one of the “hottest” tourism attractions in Korea featuring an observatory deck, interesting exhibitions as well as various cultural experience activities.

Let’s find out what’s in the N Seoul Tower!

What’s in N Seoul Tower?

First, Seoul Tower Plaza is the bottom floors( B1 – 4F) of the tower. There you can find fancy restaurants and cafes with beautiful views, game plaza, free VR tour and also the Hanbok Culture Experience Center.

Hello Kitty Island

At the 5th floor, there is where the Hello Kitty Island is placed. The price of the entrance ticket is 8000 won per adult. If you wish to visit both the exhibitions and observatory deck, you could by the tickets in a package with the observatory ticket for about 15000 won. You can spot the ticket desk easily at the Square Plaza.

Hello Kitty Island is a perfect place for Hello Kitty lovers, children or simply those who like cute stuffs. For information of those who don’t know Hello Kitty, it is a famous Japanese cartoon character. We can see that the showroom is designed based on the theme of Hello Kitty with all those pinkish tiny little furniture and decorations.

Marvel Comics Heroes Exhibition

If you are not a big fan of cute stuffs, here might be your cup of tea! Disney Characters and Marvel Superheroes Exhibition!

There you could meet Hulk, Doctor Stanger, Iron Man, Nemos and many other Avengers and Disney characters in person! Taking photos with them would leave you fun and beautiful memories.

Look at all those Iron Man Models! I don’t really know much about Iron Man but these figures are just so cool! Who knows some of them might be limited editions!

LOVE Roof Terrace

Not only the inside of the building is full of interesting activities, the open space in front of the ticket box and the roof terrace is also the hot spots of Instagram-worthy photos. You can see the roof terrace with tens of thousands of padlocks hanging around the terrace. This was started by a famous Korean TV program where a couple attach their pad lock together at the fence. And the trend continued until today! Each day, hundreds of couples visited here and attach their very own padlocks with words and names written on it as a symbol of their love. How sweet!

Nevertheless, at the open space of the plaza, there was a large pavilion designed with some Korean traditional elements. We was lucky to watch a show portraying a Korean traditional dance, I believe.

The Observatory Deck of N Seoul Tower

Above all, here comes the main attraction of Seoul Tower – observatory deck! The entrance is at the B1 floor and from there the usher will guide you to enter the elevator that leads you to the top floor of N Seoul Tower- the observatory deck. There you could enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Seoul City in all directions. We stayed from early evening till the sky darkened and the city lighted up. The view becomes more romantic and calming at nights. Both the day and night views were breathtaking and unique on their own.

I was told that Namsan Tower light colors at night is a measure indicating the air quality index. When the tower is in green, that indicates the air quality is good and it turns red when the air quality gets bad.

End Notes

In conclusion, N Seoul Tower is really worth a visit if you are having a trip in Seoul. If you don’t want to pay for observatory deck and exhibition, only a walk and sightseeing at the Square Plaza and the Love Roof Terrace would be perfect!

Here I provide the website of N Seoul Tower in English. You could check their hours, admission ticket, and guides here. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Website: www.nseoultower.co.kr/eng

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea