Mystery Island – Ulleungdo (Part 1)

Ulleungdo is one of the most beautiful, green, and clean islands in Korea. It is located right in the middle of the East Sea, i.e., 120 km east of the Korean Peninsula.

To point out, not so many tourists yet have travelled to this amazing volcanic island, so the nature here is mostly untouched. In fact, all of us have this dream about going to a distant island and enjoy ourselves only, right? So if you desire to go far away from the rest of the world and spend some time on a small and cozy island, then a trip to Ulleungdo is exactly for you!


Overall, we have been in Ulleungdo for 4 days (July 23 –  July 26) and on the fourth day we have traveled to Dokdo as well. During this period we have visited a lot of marvelous places, that is why I divided my post about Ulleungdo trip into three parts.

To begin with, I will write down our exact plan, where we lived, which places have visited,  etc.

  1. Transportation
  2. Accommodation
  3. 저동항과 촛대바위 (Jeodong Port and Chotdaebawi Rock)
  4. 봉래폭포 (
  5. 거북바위 (Geobukbawi Rock)
  6. 태하해안산책로 (Taeha Coastal Walk)
  7. 독도 (Dokdo Island)
  8. Trip Advices

Today, in Part 1, I am going to tell about transportation, accommodation and two places, which we have visited on the Day 1.

1. Transportation

How to get to Ulleungdo:

To clarify, the only way to get to the island is going by ferry. Totally there are four ferry terminals, from where you can depart. You can choose which one is closer to you or more convenient.

1. Donghae (묵호항여객선터미널)

Donghae is the terminal we used to go to Ulleungdo. First, we got on an express bus from Seoul to Donghae, it took around 4 hours.

Then we bought tickets on a ferry. But I recommend you to reserve tickets in advance and make sure that the weather is good. Because as you know, ferries do not travel when in storm. I am leaving a link here for ticket booking.

Overall, It took us around 4 hours on ferry as well. Also important to mention, that you will arrive at Ulleungdo’s Dodong Port.

2. Gangneung (강릉항여객선터미널)

Gangneung port can be more comfortable if you depart from Seoul. You can get on KTX and it will be faster than going to Donghae. But as Gangneung terminal is the most distant from Ulleungdo, it is going to take more time on the ferry. In order to book tickets you can visit this website. If you chose to go from Gangneung, you will arrive at Ulleungdo’s Jeodong port.

3. Pohang (포항여객선터미널)

After all, on our way back home the weather was not fortunate and the schedule of ferries and buses did not match well. That is the reason why we decided to return to Seoul from another port. Pohang ferry terminal is the furthest from Seoul. However, you can sit on KTX also. Check the schedule here

4. Hupo (후포항여객선터미널)

Last, Hupo port is the most unpopular I guess. To be honest, I do not know much information about it. But you can book tickets on this website. 

2. Accommodation

Eventually we stayed at Paradise Hotel. The facilities were very satisfying. And the perspective from the window was wonderful. Our room had a view on the sea and Chotdaebawi Rock. The location of the hotel is also great. Near we had Jeodong Port and Chotdaebawi Rock. Additionally, not far from the hotel you can take a walk on Haengnam Coastal Walkway (행남해안산책로).

Here are the hotel prices:

  • Room #8: 2 people, 1 room (mountains view) – 100,000 won
  • Room #7: 2 people, 1 room (sea view) – 120,000 won
  • Room #1: Ordinary,  2 people, 1 room (Bed 1) – 120,000 won 
  • Room #2~5: Special, 2 people, 1 room (Bed 2) – 150,000 won
  • VIP Room #6: 4 people, 1 room – 250,000 won
  • 7 Floor Suite Room #3: 4 people, 1 room (Bed 2, mountains view) – 500,000 won
  • 7 Floor Suite Room #1~2: 4 people, 1 room (Bed 2, sea view) – 600,000 won
  • Additional charge per 1 night per person: 20,000 won

Check out:

Location: 경북 울릉군 울릉읍 봉래길 6-77 파라다이스호텔 울릉

Contact: 054-791-5411

Finally, now let’s travel! The map below will help us look around the whole island and main places. And I marked two places I am going to tell about in this post (rest of them are in Part 2 and Part 3 of the post).

3. 저동항과 촛대바위 (Jeodong Port and Chotdaebawi Rock)

The first place we went to is the nearest to our hotel, we just walked in the evening there.

Generally speaking, the atmosphere here is so romantic, you feel like being in the movie. Along this port there is a long road, leading to white and red lighthouses. An ideal spot for a relaxing walk with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

On the right from the rock, there is a small entry to Haengnam Coastal Walkway (행남해안산책로). Unfortunately, we could not get there, the entry was closed due to the rain and strong waves. Sorry but i do not have pictures of it, but for sure it is very beautiful. Do not miss the chance to get there.

Location: 경상북도 울릉군 울릉읍 도동리

4. 봉래폭포 (

The next day we went to Bongnae waterfall. In reality, to see the waterfall you should first take a walk in the cool green forest.

A phytoncide volatilized from the forest, especially from coniferous trees, has a positive effect on human body. Indeed forest bathing freshens up and balances our body and mind. Under those circumstances, let’s forget about our daily life issues and enjoy nature.

Location: 경상북도 울릉군 울릉읍 저동리

Thank you for travelling with me! Hope this information was useful for you.

🇺🇿 Li Galina

Hey! I am a biomedical student at Kangwon National University. And free from studying time I like travelling around Korea ^.^~~