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Myopia Correction Surgery in Korea: My Experience

Two weeks ago I got myopia correction surgery in Korea. I was nearsighted and had Smile Lasik to improve my vision. Today, I will give you a short review of my experience so that any of you who are considering getting a similar surgery can have an idea of what to expect.

Before and After Myopia Correction Surgery

Before Myopia Correction Surgery

My glasses have been my best friend for nearly 20 years. My myopia and astigmatism are 3 degrees above and below. This short-sightedness is average, but astigmatism is considered to be quite high.

– The thickness of the corneas on both eyes: 550 (thank God it is not too thin), other indicators are normal.

After Myopia Correction Surgery

First Day

My sight was not clear right away and it was a bit painful and sensitive.

Week 1

My vision became clearer and brighter day by day. However, there was a blurry dew-like layer that still clouded my vision. I could see the glare of the light as if it is was surrounded by a circle.

Week 2

My eyesight became more bright and stable. However, I felt in a daze while looking at my phone. I would look at 1 word but see 2. I was quite worried and went back to the doctor, but the doctor said it was a normal phenomenon and advised me to use artificial eye drops regularly.

After 2 Weeks

Eyesight is more stable on a day-to-day basis. However, looking at the phone or computer for a long time will my dry my eyes and cause some irritation.


1. Researching Hospitals

I researched a lot of hospitals on both foreign community groups and on Naver. Eventually, I settled on one hospital in Gangnam baised on the following:

  1. The clinic’s Naver reviews
  2. A pre-surgery tour. I came and saw the modern machinery and the consultant was careful and enthusiastic.
  3. The hospitals’ methods: this hospital has its own surgical method, only 1mm corneal incision. However, according to my understanding, it normally is a 2mm incision.

2. Eye exam

The examination took about 2 hours. I had my eyes checked by several machines. They measured the severity of my myopia, corneal thickness, pupil size, eye moisture, and other indicators.The process is to see if I can handle the Smile Lasik surgery method or not, as it is not suitable for everyone.

Luckily, I was healthy and a suitable match for Smile Lasik. Out of all the myopia correction surgery methods, it is the one I wanted to have the most. It is quite modern and has fewer eye incisions which means less recovery time 👍

Myopia Correction Surgery

Actually, I had the option of having my surgery on the same day as my examinations. But because I was worried, I went home to think more before choosing the surgery date. I had so many concerns! There was a possibility of eye damage, perminately dry eyes, and even going blind. It really wasn’t a small decision. However after weighing the risks, I still decided to go for surgery, and I went alone.

Before surgery, I was taken to the operating room and changed into a hospital gown. The surgical process was all done with a machine and took place very quickly, only a few minutes. However, it was a bit uncomfortable because of the surgical instruments, but within an acceptable range. The only thing is that I was a bit dizzy afterwards.

After surgery, I was given 1 vial of autologous serum by the hospital to use in the first week. The autologous serum has the effect of repairing damage and preventing dry eyes. In addition, I have to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for a month.

Then, I had a follow-up appointment after 1 day, 1 month, and 3 months.


Finally getting rid of glasses is an extremely happy feeling. I feel more beautiful and confident ♥️. I feel more appreciative of my eyes and how precious they are. Now, I find myself mindlessly surfing the internet less and doing more activities that aren’t so bad for the eyes. I got into the habit of listening to the radio and listening to the news as well as going out with the ones I love more.

– I bought 1 pair of sunglasses, and 1 pair of anti-blue light glasses. In addition, I changed my phone and computer to Night Mode to limit my exposure to blue light as much as possible. When texting, I don’t type anymore, but use voice chat or automatic voice-to-text mode.

⭐️ Conclusion: My experience with myopia correction surgery was completely satisfactory, both physically and mentally. Hopefully this article is useful to you if you are weighing your options with regard to corrective eye surgery.

However, not all surgeries go well. Click Here to read about one writer’s negative experience with Smile Lasik so that you can avoid similar circumstances.

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